070104.Bradford-upon-Avon, Mid 1300s Century Tithe Barn, Its Door and More

January 4, 2007 at 6:04 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bradford-on-Avon, Cathedrals and churches, Cats, Chisel Marks, doorways, Gardens & Parks, Light and Shadow, Overcast, Wiltshire | 9 Comments

First, a statement about cats, in general. OK, not in general, but about cats and me. Cat person? Am I a cat person? No, I’ve never owned a cat nor a dog but there are very few dogs in this country. The biggest thing I ever had was a gerbil but she bit me, she bit me bad.
I have taken a few photos of cats outside near historic buildings because this country is nuts about cats. The grocery store has over four times as much cat food on shelves than anything dog-related. My camera is quite visible and it takes time to have it focus and click, so people are more or less out of the picture for living subject matter. This leaves the domain of this blog to mostly felines since generally speaking, people don’t walk their gerbils outside.
So here it is, I surrender, another cat:


chubby cat


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  1. un chat noir plus le chiffre 13 ( 13ème siecle) voila une photo qui porte malheur ;o)

    a black cat + number 13 (1300s) veiled a photograph which carries misfortune ;O)

    BATH DP HOST: I just changed the English from 13th C to 1300s because of a date mistake I made. I didn’t touch the French part.

  2. I don’t like cats either. Atmospheric photo of the door though.

  3. Just read your comment re the fair in Nottingham. It’s called the Goose Fair and it’s not until October. If you do visit, you’ll have a good idea of what’s on offer with my blog.

  4. i had gerbils too! i loved them, especially when they thump on the ground. i trod on one by mistake once, and it just flattened out before my foot squashed it, then pinged back into shape. i always had two, and i always called them rommel and monty. one half of one set was a cannibal and ate the other over night once. i was most distressed and refused to clean out the cage. i still have guilty dreams about it….

  5. We have many cats also here. In my neighbourhood probably more than 10 cats running around. BTW, the building looks very old.

  6. What a wonderful photo! Very warm and inviting…

  7. I love this photo — the door is amazing and I love the cat in that light.

  8. I hear you. I’m not a cat lover, although we have a barn cat that I adore. Specific cat that I love. I didn’t realize there are so few dogs in England!

    All that said, I really love this photo! The door alone would have been splendid — so old! but the cat adds lots of interest and dimension and mystery. I feel that he is the host at the door welcoming us, either to stay, or to leave! 13th century! That, by the way, is quite an awesome century, if you ask me.

  9. Perhaps there’s a cat in your future??? I don’t particularly like cats either but have known one or two who have been really interesting.

    Lucky and King they were called.

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