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What can say? Wells. Things are going to be lame until Friday, y’hear?

070125.Wells, Confrontational Battlements

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< You are SUCH a murderhole.

> Chut UP, slit!

070124.Wells, How Did I Get Up Here?

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 Or how do I get down? Oh, never mind. There’s someone down there I can call to.


>Kate, this is the police. The call was coming from WITHIN the Bishop’s Close. Stay where you are, we’re on our way now….Kate? Kate, are you still there?!

070113.Wells, The Tragic Treasury-3

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Taken a long, long time ago. This is a Phillip Jackson statue group at Wells Bishop’s Palace Hall ruins.

The world is a very scary place, my dear.
It’s hurled and its twirled through outer space, I fear.
So many ways to lose your skin in it,
the number of ways to die is infinite.


The world is a very scary thing, I find.
It’s curled all my toes and it’s curling my mind.
When I was young my study was candies
but they attract tarantulas and bees.


Some people act as if there were nothing wrong,
due to the fact they haven’t heard this song.

The world is a very scary place to go
It’s whorled and it’s swirled with death like lace, you know
You may have found my views unorthodox
but now the wolf is at the door; it knocks.

–“The World is a Very Scary Place”by the Gothic Archies.

Hey, I won’t be checking this very often for a week or two but will get back to everyone after that.

070112.Wells, The Tragic Treasury-2

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In the reptile room, where the baby screams,
weirder creatures loom than in all of your dreams.


In the reptile room, hither and thither,
creatures from Khartoum slither anywhither,


In the reptile room anancondas dance!
Will they be our doom? Will we be their bon-bons?


And you wanna know, wanna know, wanna know why I frown…
Well, I’m smiling, I’m just smiling upside down.


In the reptile room, there’s an evil man
in a strange costume; do not ride in his van.


In the reptile room are pythons at play
in the murky gloom; what a horrible day!

–“In the Reptile Room” by the Gothic Archies.

Hey, I won’t be checking this very often for a week or two but will get back to everyone after that.

061231.Bath, What’s Your New Year’s Wish?

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St. Catherine’s House’s Well. Administered by the Hospital of St. John
the Baptist. The bucket was a gift from Italy (I forget where).

061124.Wells, ‘Black Friday’ in the Dark

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The day after Thanksgiving is referred to as “Black Friday” because everyone in the country has the day off and goes out to start the Holiday season shopping spree, and shops that had been in debt before (“in the red”) are restored to being debt-free, in the black, or something. I celebrated the day atop Wells Cathedral in the “forest.” Here are shots from the interior of the roof gallery as it is above the “quire,” exterior, and the ceiling of the “quire.”


I got to walk accross all sorts of vaults and it was inredible for me. I’ve always wanted to be allowed into Cathedral roof spaces but given that my excitement manifested itself in taking a few too many photos while the cathedral engineer was giving the tour, I might not be allowed back into another one. (I imagine access cathedral roof access is controlled by an elite cathedral-ruling clique composed of structural engineers, bishops, deans, supposedly dead dictators, a few Bond villains, etc. who put out a secret list of people to exclude.) In terms of the photos, I used very little flash (only on three photos or so) and typically took them after others had taken the same shot…but I might have been the most ‘visible.’ Hmmm.

Sorry posts have been a bit scattered. I’ve been very busy recently and will probably be busy again soon.

(Can anyone else see the format has gone crazy…or can anyone see the pictures?)





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