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Happy New Year!
Winter Degrees.

I graduated in early December. I’ve been away from Bath for a year and a half but have returned variously. It was great to come back for graduation and meet with some classmates and go through the very elaborate ceremony. Bath Uni kindly posted these photos on their website but I’ll return with my own shortly.

After a prolonged dissertation submission, I finally finished my long-winded titled work: “A Sympathetic Planning Hierarchy for Redundant Churches: A Comparison of Continued Use and Adaptive Reuse in Denmark, England, and The United States of America” (2008).
Winter Degrees.
The ceremony was great and I won the Oculus Prize for overall best coursework and dissertation, presented by Peter Norris, chairman of Oculus Building Consultancy, and the RIBA-SW Prize to boot! (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors-Southwest Region Prize). Both came as a surprise and I am very fortunate for the opportunity.
081209.099B.SO.Bath.Walcot.Graduation.RoyalCrescent.JamesRussielloWinter Degrees.Winter Degrees.Winter Degrees.
Winter Degrees.

081225.Merry/Happy Christmas!

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A good old display from last year. This year they changed it all up — great way to keep Milsom Street interesting!

Resize of 071211.06.SO.Bath

080528.Weston, Victoria Bridge

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In the comments section for Gothic Cottage, Brenda and Robin both investigated the house’s occupants, and Robin in particular reported its connection with Victoria Bridge. Originally a brewer, James Dredge (1794-1863) designed Victoria Bridge near his brewery on Upper Bristol Road. Victoria was the first of nearly fifty bridges he would go on to construct as far away as India. Please read Robin’s comments at the link

061007.090.Somset.Bath.Oldfield.River Avon

above. I appreciated the link so much, it forced me to come out of retirement.

This photo was taken quite a while ago. Sainsburys is now near the bridge, which has suffered several graffitti attacks. Also, while it may be well-proportioned, its quite diminutive in size (explained by the fact that this was a first bridge its designer built–so more of a test case) — evidenced by a teen in the photo climbing its cables and mounting one of its towers.

I’d never heard of Dredge before I read them in the comments section but I like the fact that a brewer was responsible for this piece of engineering. My own undergraduate school was founded by a very wealthy nineteenth-century brewer as one of the first colleges for female education. The first building erected was massive, intended to hold everything from dormitories and classrooms to offices, the library, kitchens, and a chapel. while it was designed by a prominent architect, the brewer-founder specified that he wanted the building to be fexible internally should female education prove to be a bust and he need to recoup his losses by adaptively reusing the college building as a massive brewery. The internal layout remains that the halls within the building are large enough to roll industrial-size kegs down. The size was justified to the ladies attending that it was wide enough for two hoop dress-wearing girls to pass each other with ease.

071225.Happy Christmas

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Resize of 071212.001.SO.Bath

071224.Last Minute

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Christmas Paper

070729.Bathwick, Goodbye for Now…

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I’ve been running the site for over 300 days and I’ve lived here for twelve months but I’m leaving today for a new job. It’s exciting — my first time in Ireland. I’ll return in a few months and update this periodically so for everyone who I didn’t say goodbye to (which is more or less everyone) goodbye…

070728.Bath, A Space Practically Designed to Graduate in — in Style

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…And this is where I intend to graduate. I’m not a dropout, just editing the time in which I actually graduate. Soon I’ll be moving to Ireland so everyone enjoy these pics…

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