070613.Monkton Combe, Muck-Stuck Duck, Qu’ck!

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070215.69.Somset.MonktonCombe.Mendips Fireplace Factory.Loss of Window Privlidges

Another blinded window, although this one wasn’t designed as such. Someone’s lost their window privileges above the Mendips Fireplace Factory, which is really quite an interesting stucture above a stream, but the water is stagnant and seemingly lethal. What lowly fireplace factory worker is stuck in the windowless room? Since when did fireplace factories occupy telephone buildings? Since when have fireplaces been manufactured in factories?
070215.67.Somset.MonktonCombe.Mendips Fireplace Factory070215.70.Somset.MonktonCombe.Mendips Fireplace Factory.MilfordBrook

Don’t worry, both are alive (but probably sending out S.O.S messages in bottles).

070430.Claverton Down, “…Goose”

April 30, 2007 at 2:26 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Claverton Down, Ducks, somerset, University of Bath | 8 Comments

or….”My! They grow up quickly, don’t they?”


“As Noah hunted around for animals, he judged them. He wanted to only bring the most worthy aboard his arc. He would stop by a group of rabbits and see who was a hard working rabbit and who was a lazy stupid dummy. Judging the rabbits made him feel a lot like God. He liked that. As he walked away with the ones he had chosen for salvation, he would look back at their brethren and shake his head disapprovingly and say, ‘Goodbye you dead dummies.’ And that was that.”

–Jonathan Goldstein

BDP to the moon!

070304.Winsley, Total Eclipse of the Port

March 4, 2007 at 3:03 AM | Posted in Bath, Ducks, people, Reflection, Riverboats, Wiltshire, Winsley | 9 Comments


Now, don’t miss the boat….

Copy of 070303.069.Wilts
…It’s coming….

070303.070.WiltsD’oh….what did I tell you!

Lame captioning, I know. Was going to include the canalboat “Moonraker,” or at least “Moonbeam” to correspond with the eclipse but apparently they weren’t interesting enough to photograph.

OK, so this was the test of what it takes to be a good camera. At 9:30 PM on the 3rd of March, I started waiting for the lunar eclipse; it came. And then when I went to take the photo of the first few seconds…nothing. Although my eye could see a difference, my camera could not. The eclipse has gone on for hours now. It’s nice and if you want to see it on other people’s blogs. I’d redirect you but I might do that poorly as well. [Bastia, Bath, Bordeaux, Mainz, Rome, Taunton, ]

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