070109.Bath, Pulteney Bridge on the First Night

January 9, 2007 at 12:01 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bridges, Light and Shadow, Pulteney Bridge, somerset, Vaults | 9 Comments

060922.6.Somset.Bath.Pulteney Bridge
By popular demand, here is Pulteney Bridge with its warm honey-coloured Bath stone at night from the city centre side of the Avon. There have been a lot of bridges at night but the one I just saw was across the pond. This also marks my 110th night in this city, which is appropriate because I took this 110 days ago, on my first day here. It was the sixth and best photo I took that day, which were all about my first impressions of this city. I saw this and thought: nice.
At the time, it was tetering on the edge of rain appropriately enough, and it began to drizzle a few seconds after this photo was taken. So although not quite daily, it is at night.
Cheers to New Zealand Meg for pointing out the bridge was built between 1769 and 1774.

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