070314.Bath, No Tulips to Tiptoe Through Yet

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Considering it was the only reason people know “Tiny Tim,” statistically it’s no surprise that that was the last song he ever performed. Seriously, he suffered a heart attack while singing it at a Gala Benefit for the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis. I have a lot of flower photos I want to unload to prove to everyone that it’s spring. This has taken a lot more work than I thought it would. Maybe I’ll have more but if you don’t hear from me again, you, you dear audience are my Woman’s Club of Minneapolis.
Someone knowledgeable about flowers told me the following: “The larger dark blue/purple are primroses. The smaller blue are scilla, the very small white are wild cyclamen.” Someone less knowledgable told me if I ever go back in time that I shouldn’t step on anything. Photos presented chronologically with most recent on top.

Below: Claverton Down, Bathwick Hill Road wall with “I think (not sure) it’s creeping phlox — a particularly strong color. Usually creeping phlox…is pastel — pastel white, pink or lavender. This is a really strong color so it might be something else.” The second photo is the view from my window.
Below: Claverton Down, University of Bath
Below: Bath (Twerton?), High Commons, Commune Garden:
Below: Bath (Twerton?), Royal Victoria Park’s Botanical Garden (5Mar07): (with the exception of the night shot in Claverton Down)
Below: Bath, Royal Victoria Park (5Mar07):
Below: Bathampton, St Nicholas’ Cementery back on the 26th of Feb.
070226.147.Somset.Claverton.St Mary the Virgin
Below: Claverton, St Mary the Virgin’s Cemetery back on the 26th of Feb.
070226.085.Somset.Bathhampton.St Nicholas
Below: My first flower shot of spring(?) in Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts. back on the 30th of January!

070131.Bradford-on-Avon, Vigilance is a Fifteenth-Century Granary’s Best Friend

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…or “Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To?”


Two days ago I found an old report with life-shattering facts about my assignment due on Friday. “Wowee,” I said. “This is great. Now, I just have to get it down on paper.” And down it went!
Unfortunately, “down” doesn’t mean with me. I was so eager to follow up a footnote that I had found in one county with its corresponding source in another county that I left the paper with the sketches and some facts in that first library. Yeah, this is stuff that I should keep to myself.
In any event, I came back to Wiltshire early yesterday morning, and left just as soon. It was still where I left it. I love small towns, unless I’m stuck in them. I stopped only briefly to get some photos of newly discovered areas of importance…and Rallo, here. No idea what Rallo’s real name is or what type of dog Rallo is, or even his/her gender, but I will tell you that that granary Rallo is guarding is from the 15th C. Yeah. I don’t know if it’s a sheepdog but it should be called a conservationist dog. I’d hate to be an arsonist near Rallo.

Good dog.

(Ironically, the Barton Grange Farm Granary is now a hippie-enclave selling New Age mirrors and emotion rings with candles and incense lit everywhere. Pray for the Grade 1 Listed Granary.)

070117.Bradford-on-Avon, The Tragic Treasury-7

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(Corvine pigeons?:)

It gets dark around here early
because of all the crows
What they want and where they came from
no one really knows
Crows are sour and surly
with reason, I suppose

There are crows, (crows,) crows in the trees
Saying crow things, doing as they please
There are crows, (crows,) crows everywhere
But when I think of you, dear, I don’t care

It gets light around here slowly
because of how it goes
Everyday we hear the same dumb
list of those crows’ woes
Thinking they’re so holy
while leaving mementoes…

There are crows, (crows,) crows in the trees
Saying crow things, doing as they please
There are crows, (crows,) crows everywhere
But when I think of you, dear, I don’t care

I don’t care
because I know you love me,
unlike all the crows lurking above me…

–“Crows” by the Gothic Archies.

Hey, I won’t be checking this very often for a week or two but will get back to everyone after that.

070104.Bradford-upon-Avon, Mid 1300s Century Tithe Barn, Its Door and More

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First, a statement about cats, in general. OK, not in general, but about cats and me. Cat person? Am I a cat person? No, I’ve never owned a cat nor a dog but there are very few dogs in this country. The biggest thing I ever had was a gerbil but she bit me, she bit me bad.
I have taken a few photos of cats outside near historic buildings because this country is nuts about cats. The grocery store has over four times as much cat food on shelves than anything dog-related. My camera is quite visible and it takes time to have it focus and click, so people are more or less out of the picture for living subject matter. This leaves the domain of this blog to mostly felines since generally speaking, people don’t walk their gerbils outside.
So here it is, I surrender, another cat:


chubby cat

070103.Bradford-on-Avon, Norman Era Bridge

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Thanks for all the comments. There are a ton of great buildings around where I live now and am grateful for it. (However, I’d trade it all in for a Wendys.)


In keeping up the closer-look at the bridge theme, I took a train today to Bradford-upon-Avon, which is the next town over on the rail. It’s a beautiful little place with many old buildings. This is one of the oldest bridges in the UK. It has a Norman core but was widened and refaced.

The cupola-ed goiter at the back there, hanging off the side of the bridge was originally a chapel. Back in the day, chapels were oft built on bridges because in taking out your coin purse (hopefully hidden from pickpockets) to pay the toll to cross, you couldn’t hide it quickly enough when passing the chapel and a donation arose from guilt. That’s my interpretation anyway. Since bridges were rare, and good bridges (such as this one) were utilized by merchants on long journeys for moving their goods, the location of these chapels guaranteed easy-to-find places where travelers could quickly pray for their journey on the road ahead.

This one was converted into a prison (you can still see the bars on the window!)

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