061231.Bath, What’s Your New Year’s Wish?

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St. Catherine’s House’s Well. Administered by the Hospital of St. John
the Baptist. The bucket was a gift from Italy (I forget where).

100th POST! 061230.Bath, St. John’s (Pevsner Architectural Church Chat)

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St. John (R.C.), South Parade. 1861-3 by C.J. and E.J. Hansom. A demonstrative proof of how intensely the Gothicists hated the Georgians of Bath. Lofty tower with spire and spirelets. Ambitious aisled name with clerestory, transepts, broad polygonal apse with side apses. The exterior rock-faced, in the interior circular pink granite piers with elaborate foliated capitals. – SCREEN of iron. – STAINED GLASS. In the rose windows, quite good and glowing. Screen and glass are by Hardman. – VESTMENTS. Genuine C15 vestments are in use at St. John’s.” from Nikolaus Pevsner, The Buildings of England: North Somerset and Bristol, (Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books, 1958), 106

…But who cares about that. This is Bath DP’s 100th post! Let’s dance and bang upon tambourines! or something.

061229.Bath, Moss and the Avon Reflection of St. John’s Spire

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JC: Exactly what it says, folks.

061228.Widcombe, St Matthew’s Pevsner Architectural Church Chat

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061216.044.Somset.Bath.Widcombe.CambrdigePlace.Manners n Gill's.StMatthews.1846-7

St. Matthew, Cambridge Place, Widcombe. 1846-7 by Manner & Gill. Dull, in the Dec[orative] style, with a [south] tower carrying a broach spire.” from Nikolaus Pevsner, The Buildings of England: North Somerset and Bristol, (Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books, 1958), 107

061227.Salisbury, When the Organ Played at Twilight

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Went to the Christmas service concert at Salisbury on the 20th….a beautiful old place.

061226.Nympsfield, Chapel Snowflake Rose Window in the Gothic Flamboyant Style

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061013.196.Glos.Nympsfield.WoodchesterMansion.First Floor Chapel.West Windows

This window was designed by Benjamin Bucknall and heavily influenced by French Gothic-enthusiast Violet-le-Duc, who even sent over French glaziers to put in the white “pre-stained” glass for the initial construction phases. The chapel is the grandest room in Woodchester Mansion, but it has been severely damaged by a failed rainwater drainage system. Ho, ho, ho!

061225.Sydney, Ahoy! Happy Christmas! Time for the Family

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This is my Great Uncle Bill. I’ll ‘fess to not having taken this one.

The photo dates from the 1950s-60s and was taken on his merchant marine ship (he was captain) in Sydney harbor for a local paper there. He must have been docked for a while since the paper gave him this proof back with a stamp asking him not to publish it elsewhere. I imagine that copyright has worn off since then.

I never met the man, so I can only refer to his passport to find out when he was there. It was issued in 1959 and cancelled in 1977. It claims he only entered Australia once: “Brisbane, Queensland: 31 March 1961,” however, he’s in LeHavre by the 23 June that
year, which voids Christmas. Most likely, I’m guess this indicates the photo then is pre-1959. Ho, ho, ho!


Heard a story about a Tobias, 21, from a town near Berlin who saved for half a year to travel to Sydney for Christmas2006. It was his first international flight and he booked over the internet to save money. He misspelled his destination though and ended up in Sidney. Sidney is a small town in Montana. They were friendly to him and offered a free flight back to Germany but he turned it down for a one way to Sydney. He was stuck in Denver over Christmas due to the snow and finally made it to Australia to see his girlfriend. He currently has no funds for a return to Germany.

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