070110.Bathwick, Pulteney Bridge Pigeons and Plans

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Draw this and you’ll see it’s pretty much the definition of one-point perspective.


I’m about Pulteneyed out, so this is the last one for now. Tomorrow I’ll start a 13 part non-bridge series…of unfortunate events, which I won’t have to do very much in. I’ve dug myself in a hole here, …or perhaps I can think of a metaphor that involves bridges, water, and not being able to breathe… nope, can’t think of anything. But basically, I’m going to be very busy until the end of January. Here’s another shot of Pulteney Bridge from the angle that the photographer was taking it at on 2 Jan.
The building in back is the early 20th century Roman Baths building that connects to the Pump Room and the baths on facing both Abbey Yard and Kingston Yard (the Abbey’s former cloisters area).

Here’s some plans for the bridge that I photographed out of Ison’s Georgian Buildings of Bath (See credits below:)
Ison 032

Here are some views of the bridge before Thomas Baldwin added a second story:
Ison 027

And here’s what Robert Adam’s may have based the design on:
Ison 025
Plans and etchings from: Ison, Walter. The Georgian Buildings of Bath from 1700 to 1830. Bath: Kingsmead Press, 1980. (Page numbers included in image.)

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