061226.Nympsfield, Chapel Snowflake Rose Window in the Gothic Flamboyant Style

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061013.196.Glos.Nympsfield.WoodchesterMansion.First Floor Chapel.West Windows

This window was designed by Benjamin Bucknall and heavily influenced by French Gothic-enthusiast Violet-le-Duc, who even sent over French glaziers to put in the white “pre-stained” glass for the initial construction phases. The chapel is the grandest room in Woodchester Mansion, but it has been severely damaged by a failed rainwater drainage system. Ho, ho, ho!

061223.Westonbirt, A Tree with Trimmings

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Holiday Fact: When kept alive and away from your house, Christmas trees are both environmentally friendly and pose less of a fire hazard to your house and loved ones. Ho, ho, ho!

061217.Westonbirt, Gimme Shelter

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061216.Westonbirt, Gimme Shelter

JC: “No text for you.”
JR: “To answer Ionna’s question, I had to zoom in on this from quite a distance, and because of the less than optimal effects, I had to photoshop correct the colors. It was actually raining hard, and this horse (unlike all the others) was taking shelter under this tree. I observed this for a good 30 minutes before finally asking myself why I wasn’t taking shelter somewhere?!”

061206.Westonbirt, Educatin’ Late

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This is the educational conference centre at Westonbirt National Arboretum.


I really like it. I’m not sure if it is a bit hokey or what (down to its lit tree stump surroundings) but to me, it feels appropriate for the site and works well in terms of its program and environment. The timber theme stretches to the gift shop (less well executed), tent-roofed picnic areas, and a green roof over the fancy cafe/restaurant. I’ve been meaning to post these images for sometime and Mimmu’s Joensuu, Finland Daily Photo post of architect Marjatta Hara-Pietilä’s 2004 Joensuu Arena inspired me to get my act together.



It was built within the last few years out of Oak, that had been downed at the property over the years from storms, etc. (Just to point out that one of the plaques along the nature trail claimed the centre was constructed from Douglas Firs, but it looked like Oak and the educator on duty claimed it was Oak, so here it remains Oakidy Oak-Oak Oak.) It’s centerpiece table is made of elm, which is now somewhat of a prized wood after most elms in Europe died off during an epidemic in the late ’70s and early ’80s. I don’t know the structure of the building. There is no metal visible, and the beams are well jointed and pegged to suggest there is no need, but I am suspicious considering the glass encasing.The structure is well-heated, despite the glass walls and continual “O.K.” gloomy environment, and this has aggrandized the natural process of timber shrinkage, but everything is still sound inside.



And finally, yet another anniversary/birthday graces this site….and it is:

Happy 89th, FINLAND, ol’ boy!

If you’re uncomfortable with your age, be prepared to be celebrating this marker for a long time to come. Check the festivities out here:

Back in the day when I was there, we had to walk 50 miles in the snow just to wash our undertrunks – and you know what? When we took them out, they just froze in the air! Talk about an uncomfortable 50 mile walk back! (Photos taken in Jyväskylä.)

Pictured wearing the undergarment as a two-prong top hat is Max, who jumped into the frozen lake in his trunks, only to have them freeze when he got out. You see, this wasn’t a simple starch treatment. These cotton boxers froze solid and the rest of the walk back was filled with stealing the underwear and beating fellow pedestrians senseless with it.


What happens in Finland, stays in Finland.
(Unless it makes its way onto the Bath Daily Photo blog.)

061126.Westonbirt, Back to the Colours…

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The Yellow Post:


You can tell it rained a bit.

Figured out what was wrong with my browser, have corrected it and will correct past posts in a bit, as well.

061122.Nympsfield, Blah, Blah…Blacksheep

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Here’s some green to soothe everyone’s eye cones after yesterday’s vicious Japanese Maple. I’ve really enjoyed this picture myself, have had it on as the desktop image.


Have you ever walked into an old hospital and seen “hospital green?” I don’t believe it’s too prevalent anymore.

The concept of green interiors for hospitals germinated from their presence in surgery rooms. It was believed that a surgeon, deeply engrossed in cutting up someone on the slab, would be overwhelmed by blood. Well, not necessarily blood but its crimson color. Should the good surgeon look up while in the thick of stitching up someone’s internal organs, he (and yes, he is appropriate since this theory is dated) would be utterly confused by the surrounding wall colors, since he had used up his red cones by staring at the blood. When he looked up, having exhausted his red cones, the world would be green, despite his earlier memories of the wall. This might bring on headaches and very likely distraction, which you don’t want while your patient is cut up and covered in blood.

The solution was to paint the hospital green, so there would be little difference between the surgeon’s perception of the surrounding walls and his memory of it.

So stare at the future sweaters and lamb dinners for a minute and then quickly look up:

Blood, Blood everywhere! Ahh!

That’s the theme of today’s post, which matches an anniversary in the States, (though not the one below).

From the Parking Lot is Full



This letter is being written only an hour before I leave for the Hilton hotel. Jodie, I’m asking you to please look into your heart and at least give [me] the chance, with this historical deed, to gain your love and respect.

I love you forever,
John W. Hinkley



Did anyone remember that this guy’s middle initial was “dubya?” Odd. Guess he liked it more than being called “Junior.”

061121.Westonbirt, Hang In There, Lil’Buddy

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Acer Palmatum

s. Matsumarae

Japanese Maple ssp.

061114.180.Glos.Westonbirt.Acer Palmatum.JapMaple

I have no idea what any of that means but the classification does not apply to the photos below: enjoy.



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