070303.Corston, “Pete Standing Alone”

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Sawing firewood on your deck for
a wood burning houseboat on the Kennet and Avon Canal.
If you could only smell the draft of smoke floating along the canal trail.
Life is simple and sweet.
Copy of 070204.31.Somset.Corston looking toward Kelston

070301.Newton-St. Low, THEME DAY: “Men at Work:” Life in a Crew Shell

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070204.30.Somset.Newton St. Loe.River Avon
-Lady’s (above) and Men’s (below) crew teams (I want to give even representation to both sexes.)-
OK, so people apparently like not having any buildings posted for a change. I figure since most of the audience for this blog are folks not completely consumed by historical buildings but are from around here who have since moved away or people who once vacationed here and in both cases want to see some of the good “home-time” scenes. Hopefully these qualify. I aim to please the people. I must mention to please take note of the New Bridge, which defines the connection between the fields of Newton St. Low and Newbridge section of Bath. 070204.09.Somset.Bath.LowerWeston.New Bridge070204.15.Somset.Bath.LowerWeston.New Bridge
070204.28.Somset.Newton St. Loe.River Avon
070204.37.Somset.Corston looking toward Kelston
The abovbe photo is from neighbouring Corston, Somerset — just farther along the River Avon on its way to Bristol. Below is the sheep pasture of Newton-St. Low, which has a village center that I have yet to get to.
070204.20.Somset.Newton St. Loe.River Avon

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070207.Corston.Prowling Near the Prow

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