060501.THEME DAY: *Bath, New York*

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Theme Day: —Display a Photo of a City Other than Your Own
Apocolypto: I am from New York.
Revealed to me: Bath is also in New York (and several other American states–thanks JC for the link).

It really was a shock to find out that there was a Bath, New York. The featured church steeple here reminds me of St John’s RC Church in Bath, Somerset.

The state of New York has given birth to more religions and denominations of Christianity than any other place in the world, minus the obvious. But if things keep going the way they have, in another 1,000 our state will be the new Holy Land.

The photo displays the typical New York atmosphere. There are often numerous churches in a small town, typically confronting each other with a competing tower height on four corners of the main street. Upstate has been landscaped with these monumental crosses, and numerous attempts have been made to grid the sky in rural areas not yet primed for skyscrapers.

The little town of Bath, New York is a magical place where little people live peacefully, drink from the chocolate river, manufacture their world-renowned sweets, and occasionally break into song and dance at the gluttony, greed, sloth, etc. of others………..no, wait, I wouldn’t know. The car I was in didn’t stop when we passed the place on the highway.

STOP! This is Bath! I’m going to live here in a week!
I’m not stopping. You’ve got enough photos of stupid towns already.
Stupid town! This is Bath—-B-A-T-H. The Bath Civic Improvement Council will hear about this.

(And now 229 days later, they will with a Google search. JC, feel free to apologize to the good citizens of
Bath, NY. And yes, be prepared to be pilloried for the one town you didn’t stop at in a very very large state.)

Bath, UK Ocean Twnshp, NJ —Monte Carlo, MonacoRome, ItalySingapore, by KeropokmanTenerife, SpainRotterdam, NetherlandsLondon, UKMontréal (QC), CanadaMelbourne, Australia by JohnNaples (FL), USABastia, FranceHong Kong, ChinaMazatlan, MexicoBuenos Aeres, ArgentinaManila, PhilippinesArradon, FranceMadison (WI), USAEvry, FranceSeoul, KoreaShanghai, ChinaBucaramanga (Santander), ColombiaSequim (WA), USASingapore, by Zannnie / Ming Budapest, HungaryBaziège, FranceHamburg, GermanyToruń, PolandNelson, New ZealandMadison (WI), USAVantaa, FinlandKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMainz, GermanyDubai, UAESaint Paul (MN), USACork, IrelandStockholm, SwedenMenton, FranceTel Aviv, IsraelAlbuquerque (NM), USAKitakami, JapanStayton (OR), USASzentes, HungaryStavanger, NorwayGrenoble, FranceVilligen, SwitzerlandParis, FranceHyde, UKMoscow, RussiaJoplin (MO), USAJakarta, IndonesiaGreenville (SC), USACape Town, South AfricaAsheville (NC), USASeattle (WA), USAKyoto, JapanTokyo, JapanMadrid, SpainAuckland, New ZealandOulu, FinlandLubbock (TX), USATuzla, Bosnia and HerzegovinaBaton Rouge (LA), USASydney, Australia by SallyMaple Ridge (BC), CanadaVancouver, CanadaSeattle (WA), USASelma (AL), USAChandler (AZ), USASharon (CT), USAManila, PhilippinesLyon, FranceNew York City (NY), USA by MingLos Angeles (CA), USABrookville (OH), USAHayle, UKWailea (HI), USASaarbrücken, GermanySan Diego (CA), USA 

070114.Bradford, The Tragic Treasury-4

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This is the Cemetery near Beckford’s Tower on Lansdown Hill. I will be back to my usual attentiveness near the end of the month. Until then enjoy the songs from a Series of Unfortunate Events (samples can be found on iTunes). I’ll post more Phillip Jackson statues later.

UPDATE: Yesterday in New York was “No Pants Day” on the #6 Train (Bronx-Manhattan Eastside, etc Local) . It starts with one or two people getting onto the train without any pants on. Then at the next stop a few more, until finally over 130 pantsless individuals board the train to the shock of all on board. It’s been sponsored by Improv Everywhere, and my friends participated in it last year. Scroll to the third photogroup to see parts of some pictures.

061021.158.Somset.Bath.Bradford.Landsdown Hill.Beckford's Tower



Gone, gone the girl in brocade
Gone the words we might have said
Howl, winds, beacuse she is dead
And gone, gone, gone

Were teary, teary eyes once bright?
Weary sighs the tune
Dreary, dreary falls the night
And eerie light of the moon


Gone, gone, my Beatrice
Gone the lips I longed to kiss
Into a black and bleak abyss
Gone, gone gone
(Chorus: Gone are the summers of croques and cribbage)
Were teary, teary eyes once bright?
(Gone, gone,)
Weary sighs the tune
(are the winters of)
Dreary, dreary fall the night
and eerie light of the moon
(sigh and secrets.)
Were teary, teary eyes once bright?
(Gone too.)
Weary sighs the tune
(silver springs, golden)
Dreary, dreary fall the night
and eerie light of the moon.

–“Dreary” by the Gothic Archies.
Hey, I won’t be checking this very often for a week or two but will get back to everyone after that.

061201.Bath, THEME DAY: “Taking a Photo of a Person from the Waist Down”

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061002.087.Somset.Bath.PumpRooms.Filming Jane Austen’s Persuasion

Above, Jane Austen’s Persuasion actors filing into Pump Room for scene. Below, classmates and mayor at a mayor’s reception in the Pump Room.

061128.92.Somset.Bath.PumpRm.Photo by MIUM.jpg

Didn’t realize how often I omit the full person in photos, tracking down “waist down” shots was a challenge in itself.

I’m posting some photos of friends but I don’t feel I’m violating their privacy because the bottom half on an individual is too abstract to extrapolate any identification.

I remember hearing Peter Schickele (P. D. Q. Bach) tell a story about his college years on the radio. One of his friends was taking a shower in the communal (all-male) dorm’s bathroom at the far end of the hall from his room. This friend realized after finishing his shower that he had forgot to bring a towel and only had a small washcloth.

Apparently, this wasn’t all that unusual for this person, except that it was parent’s visiting weekend, and there were moms and pops innocently roaming the halls!

The friend took the washcloth, placed it over his face, and proceeded to walk back to his room down the adult-filled hall, which quickly cleared for him.

He figured, if put in the situation, it was decent to let your privates be public so long as you kept your publics’ private.

Truly, a lesson to live by.

ethan on subwayGetting arrested in subway

Finally, last year two friends participated in NYC-based Improv Everywhere’s “No Pants Day.” The full photos were funnier but he and everyone else rode the subways, etc. together, which confused the heck out of genuine New Yorkers until the police arrived to write up the indecently exposed pseudo-commuters. (See the black pants of the cop in the extreme right of the second photo.)

What can I say, this is an odd theme, but I play along. So did these folks:

1 (Porto) 2 (Greenville) 3 (Evry) 4 (Queens) 5 (Seattle, WA, USA) 6 (Stayton, OR, USA) 7 (Albuquerque, NM, USA) 8 (Joplin, MO, USA) 9 (Raymond, Singapore) 10 (Guadalajara, Mexico) 11 (Santiago, Chile) 12 (London, UK) 13 (Jakarta, Indonesia) 14 (Bandung, Indonesia) 15 (Melbourne-John, Aust) 16 (Phoenix, AZ, US) 17 (Twin Cities, MN, USA) 18 (Newcastle-upon tyne, England) 19 (St. Paul-Carol, MN, USA) 20 (Szentes, Hungary) 21 (Tuzla, BiH) 22 (St. Paul-Kate, MN, USA) 23 (Dubai, U.A.E.) 24 (Nelson, New Zealand) 25 (Sharon, CT, USA) 26 (Tenerife, Spain) 27 (Auckland, New Zealand) 28 (Budapest, Hungary) 29 (Sydney-Sally, Australia) 30 (Sequim, WA, USA) 31 (East Lansing, MI, USA) 32 (Vantaa; Finland) 33 (Zannnie, Singapore) 34 (Paris, France) 35 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 36 (Shanghai, China) 37 (Sydney-Nathalie, Aust) 38 (Hyde, UK) 39 (Akita City, Japan) 40 (Tokyo, Japan) 41 (Rotterdam, Netherlands) 42 (Manila, Philippines) 43 (Not Strictly Seattle, USA) 44 (Stavanger, Norway) 45 (Hong Kong, China) 46 (Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA) 47 (Barcelona-Irrendento, Spain) 48 (Trujillo-Irrendento, Peru) 49 (Naples, Florida, USA) 50 (Delta, CO, USA) 51 (Bath, UK) – 52 (Alexandria, VA, USA)

061128.Bath, My Night in Paradise

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I was invited to the Pump Room this evening and had my photo taken with the Right Worshipful the Mayor of Bath, Mrs. Carol Paradise (pictured, above left). That necklace is only worn by the Mayors of Bath, and is “priceless,” or otherwise estimated at well over 400,000 pounds.

I was there to talk to the Mayor of Bath and Mr. Torahata, C.E.O of Happy Enterprises, about setting up a billion-dollar tourist attraction near the Abbey and Roman Baths based around a recently discovered egg. It was really a spectacular find…looked almost prehistoric. It washed up on the Cornish coast a few years ago during one of the rare hurricanes that hits that area.

But after hearing expert prehistoric egg tourist-oriented programming delegations from Poland and the Czech Republic, the third speaker was interrupted by two girls from “Infant Island,” who wished to be known as the Shojobin (pictured, above right). These girls warned us that if the egg wasn’t swiftly returned to Infant Island, the larvae (their term, not mine) would hatch and destroy this World Heritage city! Enraged, Mr. Torahata chased the Shojobin off the stage, but alas!, we should have listened!

The international delegations were getting nervous and began demanding the egg be returned to this legendary “Infant Island,” but Mr. Torahata and Mayor Paradise refused to give it up, and we all know “…public opinion is powerless against the law.”

Failing to convince the Right Worshipful the Mayor of Bath and the City Councilors, we were all packing up when Godzilla suddenly appeared leaving a trail of destruction from Widcombe through the South Parade to the Abbey Yard, itself!

There was pandemonium everywhere when the Shojobin tried to calm the atomic beast through song. The singing failed miserably but attracted the egg’s mother, Mothra, who was shortly convinced by the Shojobin to save Bath by defeating Godzilla.

With a screech, Mothra defended her egg against Godzilla. For a while Mothra, who resembled – well – a moth, was on top of things but then Godzilla fired his atomic ray at Mothra’s face, felling her instantly. Woe to Mothra! This appeared to appease Godzilla, who headed off toward Royal Victoria Park and Oddown, but the Shojobin got the idea to hatch the egg with their song.


(Pictured above, the Shojobin attempt the birthing song while a member of the town council informs Madame Mayor on the fate of Walcot, a northern section of Bath.)

Crack! And it was done, with not one but two Mothra larvae that followed Godzilla to Walcot, spraying him with an encasing cocoon substance, which tripped him into the cold River Avon. The Mothra larvae joined us at the remains of the Thomas Baldwin and John Palmer’s Pump Room (1791-1795) to celebrate before they returned to Infant Island in the middle of the Hudson, Dutchess County, New York, to live with their older Poughkeepsie urban planner cousin (pcitured below in November 2005). Just another ordinary day in Bath.


Gozilla vs. Mothra, 1964 All this excitement caused a classmate to faint. (No photos of that, though…or the giant atomic moths and monsters for that matter.)

061111.Bradford, Cemeteries and Armistice Day

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Friday’s lecturer was a distinguished, and thoroughly British, structural engineer who had worked on all the great English Heritage listings. Out of all the case studies he projected, what struck me was his outfit. Accepting that it was a tad cold in the room, he wore a very formal heavy suit with a maroon vest and even had attached a gold pocket watch chain. His whole appearance was very colourful, which is how I came to notice that pinned to his label was a red and black poppy.


My grandfather’s occupation required him to frequently travel and these were two photos he took sometime in May of 1948. The first is the otherwise unremarkable skyline of Geneva, Switzerland but he had typed on the back of the photo that the League of Nations’ headquarters building (Palais des Nations) was located at the extreme right of the horizon line. (I believe the old League of Nations’ HQ building, Palais Wilson, is on the extreme left of the horizon line.) The second photo is of a then recent WWII cemetery in Arnheim, Holland, filled with wooden crosses marking the graves of fallen American soldiers whose bodies had not yet been sent home, or their grave markers made permanent with a stone cross.


061021.066.Somset.Bath.Bradford.Landsdown Hill.Beckford’s Tower

Wikipedia Photo. Calvary Cemetery, Queens

Today in the US, Amistice Day is known as Veteran’s Day due to the events that occurred between the League of Nations building and this cemetery in Arnheim.

Please see my previous posted photo of a Hungarian WWI monument-like memorial, and here for the post explaining it.
The cemetery at Beckford’s Tower in Bradford, previously posted, struck my eye because of the incredible swirling clouds and its location on Lansdown Hill overlooking the city of Bath.

It reminded me of this last photo, which I grabbed off Wikipedia’s Photo of the Day a while back, and which features the cemetery in New York City that that grandfather is buried in.

It would appear Bath has fewer people to bury and fewer buildings to house them in than New York City.

061030.Combe Down, Something Spooky this Way Comes… Er, ok, Hangs.

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061026.030.Somset.CombeDown.Prior Park.Ye Olde Haunted Woods.Something Spooky this way hangs

Ah, who can resist the urge to enter a haunted forest?

Oh, you can. Really?
Oh…I see, you’re not too keen on this forest. Well, my budget for the DP site is zippo but I must keep the Halloween theme up so you may as well blame the kids in yesterday’s post. They’re the ones who probably made these.

051022.9.BodoinPark.Haunted.David,Ethan,James I don’t know, these reminded me of the Bodoin Park Haunted Mansion I went to last October with David and Ethan. At one point in the tour, you’re led through the dark penned-in upstate New York wilderness as different local “townies” jump out and scream at you dressed in whatever they could scrounge up. The best actor there by far was a ten-year-old girl dressed in black with pine branches sticking out everywhere who ran from a nearby Christmas tree farm shouting “Buuuuuush!” It unnerved a woman in front of me so much that she almost swatted the kid down! (Actually, she had already slammed an adult zombie through a few layers of cardboard morgue wall and was kindly informed by a polite skeleton that if she touched the actor’s again she would be removed from the tour immediately and banned from all future upstate hauntings. But to be fair about the little girl, even I was too scared to get a picture of it.) So the point being, who knows if those ghosts would be effective when it’s dark at night.
In any event, I have loads more photos since Heritage Week just ended today and several new themes are now planned. I wonder if I’ll ever go back to another museum again now that I have to pay.

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