070121.Wells, The Tragic Treasury-11

January 21, 2007 at 12:12 AM | Posted in Architecture | 6 Comments

Again, another Phillip Jackson statue set at the Bishop’s Palace, Cathedral Close. A weather update: the winds died down two days ago but picked up last night. Old new, right? Today, it was warm and sunny…and I mean T-shirt weather warm (it’s been like this for a week now). Anyway, today at a little before four in typical English fashion, the sun suddenly disappears, the skies grow dark, the birds shut up and then out of nowhere it starts hailing. Real hail, people, small but real. And just like that, it’s cold again.


A million mushrooms fill the field
where marchers’ bodies lately fell
More marchers, marching heavy-heeled
release more spores, that march as well


across the twilit charnel ground
and over long-bewildered farms,
through palaces where not a sound
is heard, though there should be alarms


But winter comes, and only ice
is crushed beneath the marching feet
In all the land, where once was rice
there now is nothing fit to eat


Except mushrooms, which nourish not
the body, nourish not the mind
and often poison. Eating rot,
the marchers march, insane and blind.

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