070421.Widcombe, Stranglehold Around My Neck

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Bath Abbey Cemetery, Widcombe, Bath

In loving memory of Elizabeth Brooke (December 16, 1846-April 9, 1909)


They just capitulated! I’m back online.

070408.Bradford, EASTER

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061021.153.Somset.Bath.Bradford.Landsdown Hill.Beckford's Tower

Lansdown Cemetery.

-posted by JosyC. I apologize for the lack of caption, but I couldn’t come up with something appropriately sincere.

070330.Walcot, Morning Glory Burial Ground

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BDP to the Moon!

061002.110.Somset.Bath.Walcot..Walcot Methodist Chapel.d. W Jenkins.1815-6

Ja.mes- “This is the burial ground (1823) of Walcot Village Hall (1849). Josy, can you add your great morning glory fact.”

Josy– Um.
Well, we’re all aware of the hallucinogenic properties of the plant, right? Aztec priests, for example, used to use it to commune with their gods. Morning glory seeds contain a chemical called LSA (Lysergic acid amide, a compound closely related to LSD) that could produce a very trippy experience… if commercial producers didn’t coat their seeds with a non-water-soluble toxic chemical to discourage this practice. This means that if you try to ingest the prepackaged seeds from your local seed store, you’ll probably end up poisoning yourself. There are, of course, ways around this problem… and the internet is a big place. 😉

Ja.mes- Wha! Bng! Fgg!!! I didn’t mean! DRUG USE?!

Josy- But you asked for a great morning glory fact!

Ja.mes- THE FLOWER!!!

Josy- There are no great morning glory facts that have to do with morning glory FLOWERS!

Ja.mes- (keels over in unmitigated frustration)

070323.Widcombe, Fell Off a Dock in the Fog

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This is the Bath Abbey Cemetery Mortuary Chapel (Grade II Listed) and the Grade II Listed Jane Weeks Williams (of 6 Claremont Place, Walcot, c.1848) Memorial,
Mini Temple in the Greek Revival style- (signed by White, monumental mason)
“The Williams Memorial is a magnificent white marble miniature open Greek temple raised up on a penant stone pedestal. Four pained sets of fluted columns with lotus and acanthus leaf capitals support a canopy over a draped urn flashed by an angel and a female mowner. The equally elaborate inscription is to Jane Wiliams who died at her residence, 17 Kensington Place, Bath, in 1848 aged 88. One side of the base comemorates 17-year-old Henry Williams, ‘who by accidentally falling off the West India docks in a dense London fog was unfortunately drowned’ in 1853.” –Bath Abbey Cemetery Tombstone Tour, 1999

070317.Bristol, Two Worlds Apart

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Buttresses are great in so many ways in the Bristol Cathedral Churchyard.
Was traveling by bus on Thursday for 9 and a half hours. Coincidentally, I made it to Bristol, twice… This photo was taken back in early October but it’s just as green now. (It doesn’t matter — these two are probably still reading their romance novels.)

070316.Upper Weston, Cotswald Public Path, Unconsecrated

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This is just a memorial on the Cotswald Trail overlooking Upper Weston, Weston, Newbridge, Lower Weston, Sion Hill, King’s Mead, and Bath City Centre, etc., and not an actual grave marker, but it claims to denote the spot–the spot where something happened, someone died. Unlike yesterday’s grave marker that reports a cruel murder in Hampton Down, here we know the spot where someone died but we don’t know why. So who was 17-year-old Sarah Louise Gray (1978(?)-17 Nov 1995) and why was she so far from the city. How did she die?Enough of these grave posts, the trail is beautiful (see info at Cheltenham DP)…but a bit muddy. There’s a great view of the city from there.
I’ll respond to everyone soon. I just got back from a trip to SW Somerset, I was on a bus for 9+ hours. Ahhhhh….

070315.Bathampton, Murder Most Cruel?

March 15, 2007 at 1:58 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bathampton, cemeteries - churchyards - and tombstones, Chisel Marks, Flowers, Monuments and Memorials, somerset | 10 Comments

070226.086.Somset.Bathhampton.St Nicholas
Nearby this flower font in St Nicholas’ Churchyard is this tomb memorial. Who was the 26-year-old Elsie Adeline Luke (1865(?)-1891). The recent replacement stone was funded by the estate of Lucy Barlow. Who was Barlow? Did Barlow know of Luke, or was she caught by the “cruelly murdered” tag, which inspired her to preserve the memory of Luke instead of any number of other lost stones. I know some 36 or so 17th and 18th Century stones in the Old Dutch Burying Ground in Sleepy Hollow, New York were “conserved” by the Rockefeller family in the 1960s as a goodwill gesture to the community there since the Rockefeller’s lived nearby. These stones were not re-carved but had a cement backing poured on them to allow them to remain standing. I’m not sure if that’s good conservation since cement and conservation generally don’t mix well (…don’t bring up the pun).
070226.089.Somset.Bathhampton.St Nicholas.Elsie Adeline Luke

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