070316.Upper Weston, Cotswald Public Path, Unconsecrated

March 16, 2007 at 4:11 AM | Posted in Bath, cemeteries - churchyards - and tombstones, Chisel Marks, countryside, cumulus clouds, somerset | 18 Comments

This is just a memorial on the Cotswald Trail overlooking Upper Weston, Weston, Newbridge, Lower Weston, Sion Hill, King’s Mead, and Bath City Centre, etc., and not an actual grave marker, but it claims to denote the spot–the spot where something happened, someone died. Unlike yesterday’s grave marker that reports a cruel murder in Hampton Down, here we know the spot where someone died but we don’t know why. So who was 17-year-old Sarah Louise Gray (1978(?)-17 Nov 1995) and why was she so far from the city. How did she die?Enough of these grave posts, the trail is beautiful (see info at Cheltenham DP)…but a bit muddy. There’s a great view of the city from there.
I’ll respond to everyone soon. I just got back from a trip to SW Somerset, I was on a bus for 9+ hours. Ahhhhh….


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  1. Seventeen years old, and she died in 1995? The stone sounds like a more elegant version of our roadside flower memorials- where someone was killed in an car accident. It would be odd to have a car accident on a walking trail, though.

  2. JC, that stone was shopped just like the other one! 😉 xo

  3. what a vast beautiful landscape!

    hmmm..it is kind of strange. Perhaps she died of an accident?

  4. Horse riding!?

    Hi James – you came to Somerset, you should have said! I am teaching in BANES next week, Tuesday & Wednesday in Radstock – I’ll take the camera!

  5. Watch out for Mountainboy Jamesy Boy! He might just sneak up behind you with his camera…or a hatchet…or a huge TOMBSTONE and CLOBBER ya one!

    Be VERY AFRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAID! Don’t want to have to send the police out hunting for you OR evidence…oh, wait a minute, he IS the police! LOL!


  6. does anyone know why Sarah Louise Gray died? have been searching for the reason of her death for days, and i often walk past the memorial grave. does anyone know?

  7. well its on a bridleway so im guessing it was a horse riding accident. i walked up there just today and was wondering how she died so decided to look her name up.

  8. She was riding her horse, yes, but she collapsed and died from an undiagnosed heart condition. Another tragic case of SAD – Sudden Adult Death syndrome.

    She was a wonderful girl and today is the 14th anniversary of her passing. Always loved and missed xx

  9. We had a lovely Good Friday walk along the cotswold way and came across the memorial stone. We were also interested in her passing so it was lovely to read the comment above. Although those that pass do not know her you somehow feel a need to know and respect the person that was.

    • I agree – I saw the memorial stone yesterday and think that it gives you a moment in which you notice that unlike Sarah Grey, your own future still flows before you as you pass that point. Of course also makes you feel sad for and the people who loved (and clearly still love her) and respectful of the strong desire to remember her that lay behind them commissioning and placing that stone.

      • Sarah was a friend of mine. She was really bubbly and a real laugh. I still think of her….such a shame she died so young. Nice to know that she is still remembered.

  10. Sarah was my beautiful girlfriend. A long time has passed but I will love and miss her always xXx

    • Hi Jim

      I stumbled upon this article on Sarah only today, after all these years.

      I hope you are keeping well. My sincere thanks to you for your devotion to Sarah. I have just moved to Cornwall with my partner Maxeen. It is not so easy for me to tend the graves as often as I used to. But it’s reassuring to know that you still visit with your cards and flowers.

      Hope you are now able to enjoy your life a lot more now.

      Good luck

      Rod. (Sarah and James Dad)

  11. I have often passed by and stopped to think of that life cut short, too soon I picked a wildflower and placed it on the top of the stone. On my way back from the Roundhill I saw the wind had taken it away………

  12. My son and I walked past the memorial stone yesterday. It made us stop and think about the young girl and we both stood for a few minutes to reflect. So good to know why she died and such a lovely thing to do for her. She will always be remembered by hundred of people who pass along that beautiful way

  13. I passed by this weekend with my wife we have three daughters, it brought a lump to my throat, so very sad.

  14. Cotswold Way Walkers – came upon the memorial for Sarah – sounds like she was a lovely girl. We picked some wild flowers and made a posy for her and left them by her stone. So sad, so young.

  15. We walked the path by Sarah’s stone today. it made me stop,look and wonder.? She will always be remembered by who ever walks there. A sad but beautiful spot. Xxx

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