070425.Bath, Polite Notice and the Civilized Nutters Who Take Note

April 25, 2007 at 4:25 AM | Posted in Actors in Period Costumes, Architecture, Bath, Jane Austen, people, somerset | 10 Comments

The cast of Janes Austen’s Persuasion converted one of the abandoned storefronts into a costume and makeup room for their performers who then had to parade down stall street from this hideous building to film a scene at the Pump Room in the Abbey Yard.
061002.078.Somset.Bath.Merchant's Passage.Filming Jane Austen's Persuasion
Oddly enough, the Austen actors followed the ‘Polite Notice’ alternative route directions that would soon be posted. The question comes up that by the word construction, they meant destruction, right? Do you have to construct to demolish? Probably. Further polite notice came explaining when the stores would be closed and when demolition would begin.
Odd, now that it’s gone I realize I don’t have many photos of it. Click here to view  the only one previously posted, the only other one I have..


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  1. Only in GB: “Polite” notice. Great shot! I love the costumes.

  2. cela fait toujours bizare cette machine a remontée le temps. des fois sur Paris, je croise des tournages et j’adore cette ambiance recomposée

    that made always odd this machine went up time. times on Paris, I cross turnings and I adore this recomposed environment

  3. they look really very elegant:)

  4. Oh come on, it’s not THAT hideous. It’s functional with a decorative awning. Quit your bellyaching.

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