070204.Bath, Oink to Sundays

February 4, 2007 at 7:18 PM | Posted in Bath, Pigs, somerset | 5 Comments

070114.10.Somset.Bath.HorseSt.Market'sPassageway.Hog Roast
This husband and wife team are out every Sunday serving roast pork sandwiches. The juicy pork comes on a hamburger roll with stuffing, onions, and applesauce. And you can help yourself to a piece of crackling. It’s so good that I’ve put off trips away from Bath because I didn’t want to miss this Sunday treat. On average, I buy a sandwich once every two weeks. They’re really really good. People line up, tourists and families alike, and they all go away happy with their sandwich wrapped in a kitchen paper towel . The sign says he also caters to parties.


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  1. Do they do anything for vegetarians?

  2. Gails_man, didn’t you know that pork is a vegetable?

    I love this little focus on the local culture. Well done.

  3. Yum, yum, yum. I was just hearing about pork bellies on National Public Radio . . .

  4. wacth your waistline young ja-mez

  5. […] 070425.Bath, Polite Notice and the Civilized People Who Follow Said Posting April 25, 2007 at 4:25 am | In somerset, Actors in Period Costumes, Jane Austen, Bath, Architecture, people | The cast of Janes Austen’s Persuasion converted one of the abandoned storefronts into a costume and makeup room for their performers who then had to parade down stall street from this hideous building to film a scene at the Pump Room in the Abbey Yard. Oddly enough, the Austen actors followed the ‘Polite Notice’ alternative route directions that would soon be posted. The question comes up that by the word construction, they meant destruction, right? Do you have to construct to demolish? Probably. Further polite notice came explaining when the stores would be closed and when demolition would begin. Odd, now that it’s gone I realize I don’t have many photos of it. Click here to view  the only one previously posted, the only other one I have.. […]

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