070423.Bath, A Bright Beautiful Future Is Just One Scheme Away!

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Below: Areas in red were demolished for the Southgate re-development scheme, which included Southgate Shopping Mall (over mostly 19th-20th C buildings), the Bus Station (Again, over mostly 19-20th C domestic buildings and warehouses), and Marks & Spencer, which demolished John Palmer’s St James’ Church (1768-9) and John Lowder’s National School (1816-1818), and a number of other Grade II Listed buildings.

070213.17.Somset.Bath.Bath At War

These 12 Oct 1967 clippings were part of a Bath Archives display at the Guildhall. It’s not quite as optimistic as clippings would be in the US during the ‘Fabulous Fifties,’ but England’s big time for optimistic development was the mid to late 1960, due in part to tight control over building supplies that lasted long after the war was won. Apart from the loss of several listed buildings, it’s just depressing to think that people were eagerly waiting two-three years for the great future of ’70s Architecture–or anything in the ’70s for that matter. Tune in tomorrow to see the incredible progress.

RE: “Casino: Councillors Stand Firm!” There’s currently a proposal for a casino in Bath, which will help attract visitors this Spa town craves. Along with several other shopping developments at the moment, Bath has been edging away from the quaint little Georgian Disneyland tourist destination it’s known for and is now modeling itself to be the English Southwest Las Vegas.

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