061110.Claverton Down, “C” is for Circus!

November 10, 2006 at 12:04 AM | Posted in Bath, Bath Abbey, Bathwick, Claverton Down, Food, Pulteney Bridge, river, River Avon, somerset, towns, University of Bath | 11 Comments

…or Carnie food or Claverton Down or…

This past week I have been stuck indoors typing and my eating habits have subsequently suffered. As a result, I’ve been going to the campus cafeteria, which I really try to avoid, just to get something quick to eat. Anyway, I was eating this Spring Roll so fast last night that I only noticed there was printed text on it when it was nearly finished. All that remained was the letter “C,” beginning a word of clearly great significance.

I’m sure everyone has a horror story involving a Chicken McNugget, or something. However, maybe it’s just the 550 grams of coffee crystals I’ve dissolved and drank since 1st October but I’m curious about what my spring role was trying to tell me?! Just imagine, if you will, the effort of adding text to a spring role. And it was all for naught!

I figured it could be a decent post because of the Bath Archeological Trust’s Georgian/Modern Bath Ordnance Survey background. Please note yesterday’s Pulteney Bridge in the lower right corner connecting Bath and Bathwick by spanning the Avon and also the plan of John Wood the Elder’s famous King’s Circus in the upper left corner. And there, below the Circus, observe the “C” on my spring role.

Call it anything you like but British food has never disappointed my expectations of it. I was hungry and finished the spring role, letter, and all. Everything goes down well with instant coffee.

So tell me out there, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

In the meantime, I’m going to enter C into Budapest DP’s daily quiz, and any other multiple choice quiz that I can find in the hopes of winning big!

UPDATE: “C” was the right answer! I’m pluggin’ it in again.


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  1. hmmm…..intriguing. maybe there is a locked door somewhere in one of your ecclesiastical buildings, with a ‘C’ on it that you should try and get in to. or perhaps the ‘C’ on the roll was for ‘CONTAMINATED’…..are you on the loo?

  2. “Chicken”? I had some coca-cola chicken for last night’s dinner.

  3. It had to be short enough that it would fit on the entire spring roll…

    “clap,” possibly indicating that this roll was a viral (bacterial?) carrier

    “call us,” apparently in hopes that you enjoyed your roll and wished to repeat the process

    “coke,” possibly indicating the flavor

    “cow,” indicating bovine contents

    “clam,” indicating shellfish contents

    “caul,” indicating fetal contents

    Man. I’m curious now. If you die in the next few days, please let me know.

  4. “stuck indoor typing”…same here last week…buy another spring roll and maybe you’ll figure out what the C is for 🙂

  5. are you alive?…..oh my goodness……are you alive?

  6. Hey all,

    Thanks for your concern. I am alive. I am on the loo (creepishly, this is a labtop), although I think that may be from the coffee. And I know the answer thanks to your clever answers.
    I did “C”all them, but it turned out that Hsueh-Ping was correct! “C” stands for Chicken. I went back today and asked. The letter is printed on Eggrolls on site to differentiate them from the vegetarian option, which are Spring Rolls. Hmm, apparently even with the lettering, they were mixed up.
    My second concern was how the letters were attached. They claimed it was an edible ink pen, but it looks very Sharpee-ish to me.
    Finally, “C” for cow of “bovine” extraction? JC, come on, can we say BEEEEF? Don’t be lettering any of my food. I’ll eat an “H” Ham sandwich at JC’s Jersey cookout only to find it was a poisonous “H”armful substance.

  7. Do I have an award?
    I tried to cook the dish that I am going to cook in the international evening, and it tasted…hmmm..not bad. Do you still think your peanut and banana sandwich would destroy my dish?
    Haha, we’ll see. See you tomorrow. (We’ll depart from bus terminal around 6:00. If you don’t know the exactly location of the international evening, may be you can join us. Call me if you need any help.)

  8. Yeah, I didn’t realize the mayor would be attending. It’ll be hard explaining to her that she’s eating a peanutbutter and bananna sandwich just because I wanted free access to unlimited free samples (ie: mostly yours)…and to seize their 40 pound allowance. I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow to see if I can find Marsala Wine. Irene and I will plan on joining you at 6. Thanks. Until then, BRING – IT – ON, TAIWAN! (Oh, and feel free to call me if you need any help, thanks for the offer).

  9. I’ll call you before leaving Marlbrough, or we just meet in bus terminal around 6:00. See you then.(My mobil phone is broken, so I won’t bring a mobil phone.)

  10. oh how banal…chicken. you could have made something up at least… and there i was wittling myself to anaemia!

  11. Pffffft. Any ham you acquired from me would be labeled “P” for pig. Which, incidentally, I always thought was the primary ingredient in egg rolls, not chicken.

    And if you came to one of my Jersey cookouts, you would be served VEGGIE BURGERS. Never go to a vegetarian’s barbeque. Bad idea.

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