061125.Bath, Hot Bath Squares

November 25, 2006 at 11:01 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, doorways, Light and Shadow, somerset, towns, Tuscan Order | 3 Comments

061125.07.Somset.Bath.JohnWoodJnr’s HotBath.1776-8 

Have been measuring the front portico of John Wood the Younger’s Hot Bath (1776-1778) all day today. Turns out the height from the top of the pediment down is equal to the total length of the pediment, with the columns standing at 2/3 this length. I picked public buildings because in case I have to recheck something during crunch time, at least my two doorcases, etc. are well lit. The entrance is now a blank door, since the structure is part of Grimshaw and Partners’ New Royal Bath complex (hence the glass door with condensation). More on these exciting measurement discoveries in a bit.

Photo appears to be distorted here.

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