061130.Bath, The Brass Ring of December

November 30, 2006 at 6:43 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Christmas, Columns, doorways, Ionic Order, Overcast, people, somerset | 1 Comment

Today’s family friendly post: MERRY-GO-ROUND IN TOWN!

I noticed this being assembled on the busiest street (intersection of Bath Street and Stall Street) in town while on my way back from measuring doorcases last night. I came back this morning to sign up for the public library in town and search for any structural timber repair books, since everything in our pathetic campus library has been checked out until January. At a pound and a half, I didn’t ride it since I figure night time might be a little more fun. The Christmas Market has also opened up. Stalls surround the abbey south side (Kingston Sq…former Cloisters), East end, the Guildhall’s south end, and fill several side streets and the Abbey Green (another square south of the abbey). Apparently, it’s one of the biggest Christmas markets in the OK, but it hardly compares to a NYC neighborhood Sunday fleamarket. I’ll keep that to myself so as not to hurt their feelings. There is, however, a lot of good music and good food. I’ll be returning at some point soon. The local Bob Dylan and Lenny Kravitz impersonators have been replaced by rather decent musicians from St. Petersburg, etc.

061130.01.Somset.Bath.StallSt and BathSt.Carousel

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