070316.Upper Weston, Cotswald Public Path, Unconsecrated

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This is just a memorial on the Cotswald Trail overlooking Upper Weston, Weston, Newbridge, Lower Weston, Sion Hill, King’s Mead, and Bath City Centre, etc., and not an actual grave marker, but it claims to denote the spot–the spot where something happened, someone died. Unlike yesterday’s grave marker that reports a cruel murder in Hampton Down, here we know the spot where someone died but we don’t know why. So who was 17-year-old Sarah Louise Gray (1978(?)-17 Nov 1995) and why was she so far from the city. How did she die?Enough of these grave posts, the trail is beautiful (see info at Cheltenham DP)…but a bit muddy. There’s a great view of the city from there.
I’ll respond to everyone soon. I just got back from a trip to SW Somerset, I was on a bus for 9+ hours. Ahhhhh….

070310.Claverton Down, Student Government is the Opiate of the Student Masses

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Student elections are nearing, or at least that’s what the signs and the hundreds of people wearing inked T-shirts would suggest; but I can’t vote, I’m an immigrant. “By now you would have noticed a vast array of banners and posters (and general chaos!) on campus. If you haven’t already figured it out, there are 22 regular students trying to fight for your vote to become one of the six Sabbs. A Sabb is a regular student who takes a year out of their course to represent the views of students.”070309.02.Somset.Bath.ClavertonDown
Apart for this “Vote Hayden,” the signs have been less than creative, which I guess can be expected from an engineering school. Most of these A4 sheets look more like missing posters than pleas to be elected. They feature a name, Yearbook picture, and a “clever” quote (ie: “Vote for me for VP. I can do the job.”) This “Vote Hayden,” which is along the arcade that leads from the bus stop to the campus heart is the only time that this corridor has looked decent. I always feel that this entire university campus looks like a complex about to be demolished — like it once was something and has been stripped of anything salvageable before demolition. Will any of the candidates do something to fix this?
What surprises me is the number of posts and candidates to fill them. What’s interesting is that the English frequently have these occupation-oriented sir names. Here Fisher uses an image of a fishmonger for her campaign. Why there’s a post for “sport” I have no idea, I assume it is mimicking the English Ministry of the name (Culture, Sports, and Media). There’s a Bell who has stolen the Taco Bell franchise logo to immediately gain image recognition and possible free signs (The color signs appear to have been from wrappers and bags). Take that other candidate with long unmemorable Polish name. Others (below) must not have a visual last name, such as “Pistol Pete” for Pres. Hopefully there’s no other Pete’s running for that office and maybe he supports handguns. I dunno.
And of course, there’s Kristy for VP. She appears to not be able to spell her own name, which isn’t vital to the VP post. But perhaps, she’s so smart she knows this will bring her attention.
And in other news, I learned from Wikipedia’s article on Facebook.com that there was controversy over this election.

070228.Bathwick, Train/Bat Boy-spotting

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…Or as dad would point out, is it Moby?
Taking a break from the info to inform everyone that spring is in the air. We had a rare sunny day on Monday so I went out to Sydney Pleasure Gardens (c. 1795 – the last surviving 18th C pleasure garden in the world) and walked along the Kennet and Avon Canal. The trees are flowering and the flowers are now in bloom — even in my own garden. (I know, I have a garden?!) But it’s true, I now have a circle of daffodils, which have been struggling to survive the on/off sleet and snow, coming up outside my window since early January cand now actually blooming. In front of the house there are other flowering bushes and trees. Designed by Harcourt Masters at the end of the 18th century, Sydney Gardens is interesting because it not only has the Kennet and Avon Canal running through it but also I.K. Brunnel’s Great Western Railway running parallel through the garden. The place has fine stonework around the railroad (probably a condition for going through a pleasure garden) and apparently also fine flowering trees. I’ll show some more later.

070130.Stowe, Don’t Look

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Okay, one of my principal joys in life is breaking onto the roofs of buildings. The fact that I was allowed up on top of Stowe House, now a school with a new lead roof, makes this only moderately cool. My pictures from rooftops, however, are never all that good. Since I was being let up to the roof right at Sunset, I figured the same would be true here but looking directly at the sun with the shadows may have enhanced this photo while hurting my camera. I try not to digitally alter the photos I present on the DP (except my attempts at Photoshop) so the same is true here–nothing has been touched or rotated (I may want to fix it later…).


CIA Director Quietly Buys Nuclear-Attack Insurance

BETHESDA, MD—According to sources at the Allstate Insurance Company, CIA Director Michael Hayden purchased nuclear-attack insurance Wednesday, paying a $100,000 monthly premium for his homes in suburban Washington, Pittsburgh, and near Cheyenne Mountain, CO. “It’s a typical nuclear policy that protects the insured from damages caused by fallout—pretty straightforward, though at that monthly rate, I don’t usually sell too many of them,” said Bethesda, MD–based Allstate agent Gary Rutter, adding that Hayden paid for the first premium with a certified bank check to guarantee that the policy would take effect no later than next Monday. “After he purchased the insurance, he asked again if everything was set for Monday. I assured him it was, and then he left.” Insurance agents throughout the D.C. area reported selling 35 such policies in the last week, all to high-ranking government officials. The Onion


061215.Claverton Down, Night of the Boat on the Breeze

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061029.132.Somset.Bath.Claverton Down.Bathwick Hill Rd.jpg

…and what’s pretty by day is even prettier in pink, right? I think there’s even a movie about that.
061029.132.Somset.Bath.Claverton Down.Bathwick Hill Rd

061214.Claverton Down, Flying in the Breeze or Floating on a Cloud?

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061024.002.Somset.Bath.Claverton Down.BathwickHill Rd

This is locationed on Bathwick Hill Road, on the way down from the Uni to the city.

061024.002.Somset.Bath.Claverton Down.BathwickHill Rd

061127.Bath, Flowers Removed from Parade Gardens

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This garden used to be overflowing with flowers but they began to wilt and die and have been removed in preparation for the winter. The bowl feels like it’s posing a philosophical question.


To my loyal readers, you are all correct. I should have stated that this shot is slightly dated…taken a few weeks ago. I normally don’t do that for Bath shots but I had meant to show the pot with flowers and then without, but missed both occasions. The main difference is a few more yellow and orange trees. I will try and be more date-sensitive in the future…but I had so many good flower shots that are outdated now….

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