061220.Bath, Idols and Trinkets

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All I’ll say is that this would be way cooler if he jiggled around and danced….maybe even sang a pre-recorded song like the Amazing Singing Salmon? or something. Ho, ho, ho!

(JC– Sheeeesh. Thank goodness he’s not making me improvise my own descriptions this time!)

061219. 4/46, Thirty-six Views of Bath Abbey. My tribute to Hokusai‚Äôs Fugaku Sanju Rokkei

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Koshu Misaka suimen

Hello everyone, Hopefully eveyone will have a happy holiday season. I myself am heading to Salisbury and London, and will be away for the next week(s…) but thankfully JC has agreed to post in my absence. I will thank her more properly later but I’m running out the door now. Hope everyone else has a great time.


061208.Bath, Shopin’ Late

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061113.17.Somset.Bath.Guildhall Markets
061113.16.Somset.Bath.Guildhall Markets061202.17.Somset.Bath.Abbey.Christmas Fair

The Christmas Market is packed at night. One can barely get through the throngs of zombie-shoppers. This is no Romero allegory…since this is outdoors and the people are bundled up like mummies in the cold. There’s no reason to write a description here, and less of one to connect it to Ancient Ecyptian mummies but I just wanted to include a few lines I read that would probably be difficult to relate to Bath under any situation. “Modern advances, however, have strained this delicate balance. Many of the slow-moving creatures are crushed each year on the superhighways that surround Cairo….
“Most conservation groups, however, stress that Egyptians should focus on preserving the mummies that still remain, though recent efforts to increase their numbers by breeding them in captivity have failed, since mummies are dead and therefore cannot reproduce.”

061207.Bath, Ridin’ Late

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Here’s another marker. My blogger account barely trudged to 500 so I was surprised when this site hit over 1,000 visitors. By the 8th, this post will mark 5,000 hits (and this is without allowing me to tamper with the numbers or count my own numerous visits to this site for updates). I don’t know where everyone is coming from but I do realize that in the general scheme of things that that marks my site well below numerous cat-oriented photoblogs – and that this means war. No kitty will beat me. Never.


Text? No, just enjoy the ride.

061205.Bath, Prayin’ Late

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Title ammedment: OK, this is England and no one prays anymore. These are the Bath Abbey Cloister windows. But what used to be the Cloisters of Bath Abbey is now the Abbey’s Gift Shop and offices, so this post should really be titled “Workin’ Late 2” – but where’s the fun in that?

In any event, there is a second connection between today’s and yesterday’s posts since yesterday was the site’s 75th, and today is another birthday. This time congratulations and birthday greetings go out to a loyal (much-younger-than-75) BDP viewer. One of her favorite posts was a similarly themed closeup of a church window. I took it on my fifth day in the city and since it was posted early on when I had some issues in terms of sizing, I’ve reloaded the photo to make it look decent.
Another post she liked was the Pilgrim Cow in Glastonbury, which will similarly be upgraded (shortly).

061203.Bath, Christmas Fair Around the Abbey

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061202.21.Somset.Bath.Abbey.Christmas Fair
The market is packed. Busses bring folks in from around the area. The large coaches are decorated and parked everywhere.

I heard it was the second largest Christmas Fair in England, and runs for two weeks. It stretches from Kingston Sq (the former cloisters) to the Abbey Green and down several streets, as well as being in the Guildhall. It’s really a large fair and I hope I can get back there. There didn’t seem to be too much interesting items on display, mostly candles and other Christmas junk but there were a few good free samples. I went for the food and bought a “Grand Marnier crepe” out of curiosity. They put the alcohol in at the end so it didn’t evaporate.

061130.Bath, The Brass Ring of December

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Today’s family friendly post: MERRY-GO-ROUND IN TOWN!

I noticed this being assembled on the busiest street (intersection of Bath Street and Stall Street) in town while on my way back from measuring doorcases last night. I came back this morning to sign up for the public library in town and search for any structural timber repair books, since everything in our pathetic campus library has been checked out until January. At a pound and a half, I didn’t ride it since I figure night time might be a little more fun. The Christmas Market has also opened up. Stalls surround the abbey south side (Kingston Sq…former Cloisters), East end, the Guildhall’s south end, and fill several side streets and the Abbey Green (another square south of the abbey). Apparently, it’s one of the biggest Christmas markets in the OK, but it hardly compares to a NYC neighborhood Sunday fleamarket. I’ll keep that to myself so as not to hurt their feelings. There is, however, a lot of good music and good food. I’ll be returning at some point soon. The local Bob Dylan and Lenny Kravitz impersonators have been replaced by rather decent musicians from St. Petersburg, etc.

061130.01.Somset.Bath.StallSt and BathSt.Carousel

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