061006.Bath, Royal Crescent, The Face Off: “Get Down!”

October 17, 2006 at 8:18 PM | Posted in Actors in Period Costumes, Architecture, Bath, Crescents, Jane Austen, Overcast, somerset | 1 Comment

Damn that Jane Austen and her filming crew! First, she blocked my entry at the Pump Room, and then on Wednesday she foiled my Conservation class’s field trip to the Assemby Rooms, and now she blocks off the entire Royal Crescent. I took these shots with the ultra zoom lens from Royal Victoria Park. There were two coaches present and the horses looked as if they were going to play chicken with each other.
I’ve posted several different creatures on this photoblog so far (cows, cats, spiders, pig carvings, and now horses), but no chickens yet. I did take a shot of some roosters and a duck from the Glastonbury Rural Life Museum. Maybe you’ll see them tomorrow. I should post some of the other shots from today too. The driver of one coach had a single muttonchop sideburn from the costume shop that didn’t connect well with his actual hair. Clearly on film, he was only meant to wear a hat and be seen from one direction. During the breaks, a couple of the other Austen-era costumed actors were taking digital pictures of the horses and architecture as well. [See the clip here.]


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