070727.Walcot, Conservation Students Graduating in a Complete Restoration? No Thanks.

July 27, 2007 at 4:11 PM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Conservation, Corinthian Order, Light and Shadow, Restoration, somerset, Walcot | 4 Comments

I was originally to be graduating here in the Assembly Rooms, once one of Bath’s Georgian wonders but sadly destroyed in the Second World War. The rooms were rebuilt. They appear historic, but it is not actually a historic building. It is still listed, of course, and it still contains the shell of the rooms — but it’s a complete restoration. Most students graduate during the summer here and in Bath Abbey. Now that is a place to graduate in – and I want in! So I’m happily postponing graduation and trading up into the better space.
061029.041.Somset.Bath.Walcot.Assembly Rms


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  1. It is a luxury to be able to arrange one’s graduation date in order to choose the place of the ceremony.

  2. wow thats a very elegant chandelier…

  3. Are you going to be snapping photographs throughout your graduation ceremony? I mean, we haven’t seen the interior of Bath Abbey in a while, have we? 😉

  4. i just remembered that i was half-way through leaving a witty comment about the flood when my computer crashed…. and i never got back here…. honest!

    i hope we are going to see pics of you in your gown and funny hat.

    and congrats!

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