070723.Combe Down, Tunnel Vision

July 23, 2007 at 2:04 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bridges, Combe Down, Light and Shadow, somerset | 5 Comments

There are great little moments in Bath and the area. Here, through this tunnel of foliage, lies a sunlight-lit house at the end. When you get there and gaze out where its windows overlook, you find that you’re at the base of Prior Park and can see the famous Paladian bridge there. Isn’t that amazing?
Over the hedge: 1, 2.


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  1. Lovely! Idyllic!

  2. A wonderful picture of light and dark with a nice surprise at the end!

  3. peux tu me dire ce que veux dire les chiffres “070623” pour 07 c’est 2007 , 23 on est le 23 Juillet, mais 06 ???
    J’aime la premiere photo, cela me rappelle ma dordogne natale

    can you say to me what want to say the figures “070623” for 07 it is 2007, 23 one are on July 23, but 06??? I like the first photograph, that points out my native Dordogne to me

  4. lovely pics. very buttery.

    these tunnels are one of the my fave things about english countryside

  5. Absolutely amazing and breathtaking. I like.

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