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July 21, 2007 at 3:09 AM | Posted in Actors in Period Costumes, Bath, people, somerset, Supernatural | 8 Comments

For lack of a better title, it’s over now: phony Pottermania has bitten the dust — although it was a quite enthusiastic final showing. There was a good deal of hats present and some decent costumes. The line was incredibly long, it occupied most of Milsom St, but even still the drunks outnumbered the witches.
potter 069
potter 082
potter 037potter 066
potter 045
Above: Drunks attack a Hippogriff
potter 088
Above: Beat the line and buy the book at full price. There’s a photo of JK Rowling on the back and it says “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” on the front but the cover art is strangely different.
potter 096potter 065


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  1. We walked into our local Asda this morning and picked a copy up for a fiver [that’s £5 around $10 or 7.5 euros] No need to queue or anything.

  2. fess up james, thats you in the hippogriff costume, isn’t it?

  3. Great photos!

  4. So did you buy a copy? I don’t recall offhand whether you’re a Potter maniac or not.

  5. il est fort quand meme cet harry potter ;o) moi personnellement j’aime pas, mais mes neveux et nieces

    it is extremely nevertheless this harry potter; O) me personally I do not like, but my nephews and nieces

  6. In New Jersey, Wallmart sold the Deathly Hallows for $17.88 versus Costco for $18.18 (but I don’t think either of them had midnight parties or lines–Costco being closed and I think Wallmark closes too). In NY, the lines at bookstores were sometimes shortened if you had purchased the book ahead of time (reserved it) and were given a wristband to give you priority rather than wait in line. But then if the bookstore were not a chain like Barnes & Noble, you’d pay full price $34.00 about. So Britain was much, much cheaper! Many people opted for the Amazon.com delivery to the home on Saturday. I’ll see if mine is there when I get home tonight!

  7. Potter mania is alive and well here too. Great pix.

  8. There was me thinking that Halloween had arrived early!

    South Shields Daily Photo

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