070709.Walcot, Cavendish Crescent

July 9, 2007 at 4:37 AM | Posted in Architecture, Crescents, somerset, Walcot, Window | 2 Comments

061015.09.Somset.Bath.Walcot.Cavendish Crescent.1815-30.d.Pinch the Elder

When?! When will the crescents end?!??

When James says they do. Oy gevalt.

Cavendish Crescent: “a short, late crescent of 1815-30, by Pinch the Elder, for William Broom, a speculating builder, who in 1815 was living at No. 3 and who was bankrupt in 1825. Following the contours along the edge of the High Common, the eleven houses are four storyed m three windows wide, with no central feature and somewhat austere except for cornices on long consoles over the middle first-floor windows. Sir William Holburne lived at No. 1, 1829, where he houses his collection.” –Michael Forsyth, Bath (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003), 167.

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  1. The Bath crescents are so beautiful. I used to go every year to the Bath dog show and always enjoyed driving thru the city and admiring its amazing beauty. Good restaurants too!

  2. lovely, and I love the caption too!

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