070616.Walcot, APRIL 1754: Rev’d Geo. Austen

June 16, 2007 at 9:54 PM | Posted in Bath, Jane Austen, somerset, Walcot | 8 Comments

Here’s a copy of Jane Austen’s parent’s marriage certificate (blurry due to camera difficulties). Her father preached at St. Swithin’s and was eventually buried in the crypt (now becoming a Sunday School centre).
061029.074.Somset.Bath.25 Gay St.Jane Austen Centre
061029.044.Somset.Bath.25 Gay St.Jane Austen Centre
061029.073.Somset.Bath.25 Gay St.Jane Austen Centre
061029.075.Somset.Bath.25 Gay St.Jane Austen Centre.Original Plan for Bathwick

These last four photos are from the Jane Austen Centre on Gay Street, Bath (between Queen’s Square and the King’s Circus). The final image is of particular interest for including the intended plan of Bathwick. The salmon-shaded areas are more or less what was built by 1793 when all construction halted around the city brought about by the crash of Bath banks due to the Napoleonic disruption between England and the continent.

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