070613.Monkton Combe, Muck-Stuck Duck, Qu’ck!

June 13, 2007 at 1:02 AM | Posted in Architecture, Chisel Marks, Ducks, Monkton Combe, Overcast, somerset, Wiltshire, Window | 3 Comments

070215.69.Somset.MonktonCombe.Mendips Fireplace Factory.Loss of Window Privlidges

Another blinded window, although this one wasn’t designed as such. Someone’s lost their window privileges above the Mendips Fireplace Factory, which is really quite an interesting stucture above a stream, but the water is stagnant and seemingly lethal. What lowly fireplace factory worker is stuck in the windowless room? Since when did fireplace factories occupy telephone buildings? Since when have fireplaces been manufactured in factories?
070215.67.Somset.MonktonCombe.Mendips Fireplace Factory070215.70.Somset.MonktonCombe.Mendips Fireplace Factory.MilfordBrook

Don’t worry, both are alive (but probably sending out S.O.S messages in bottles).


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  1. I was wondering, “Both WHAT are still alive? Both windows? But there’s only one window… and why would I worry whether or not it was alive?”

    And that’s a good point- I didn’t think fireplaces were made in factories, either. ARE YOU PULLING MY LEG?! Don’t lie to me.

  2. OK, while waiting for today’s photo, please tell me why a painted window would still exist in 2007. Surely the window tax has died by now and it would greatly increase the property value to put in real windows facing a park, and to have light in that bay of the building. Why not create the true windows now?

  3. Very interesting series of posts. A window tax!

    Poor ducks. Poor, poor lowly ducks. Have they no better place to swim in?

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