070606.Bath, Pirates at the Gate

June 6, 2007 at 8:12 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bath Abbey, Cathedrals and churches, Chisel Marks, doorways, Overcast, people, Sculpture, somerset | 10 Comments


Here in this coda, the Abbey doors are being closed after the procession:
“Mayoral Procession Part 4 of 3: From the Guildhall, Around the Abbey, Into the Abbey
Opened or being closed is quite rare,
but these people out front really don’t care.



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  1. […] in a person — especially if they’re English. What I like about the above photo is the total disregard of the two girls in the rear, sitting against the abbey facade and painting a &…. You’ll see them better […]

  2. Nice photograph. Are they making a chalk painting on the sidewalk?

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Two robins were fighting in my backyard and I managed to capture them in the act.
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. the scene reminds me of an episode of southpark about issues of homelss…

  4. oh! hurrah! and hurray! you’re back in action. looks like you have been busy. don’t we get to see the shots of you in your tights and cape and frilly collar? come on ja-mez, we know you’ve got some….

  5. ^I’m with Pod.

    I’m also amazed that they’re so unconcerned about smearing the chalk. Do they use some kind of fixative? And why am I expecting you to know?

  6. Thanks Linc, I have no idea what they were using but it came out of tubes and was applied with brushes. I assumed it wasn’t illegal because the entire city council had just paraded right in front of them, in full armour and weaponry, and were more preturbed by me with a camera in their faces than by these two girls. Again, I assume it wasn’t illegal because the council would have gone medieval on their…. well, y’know.
    Kris, Congrats on the year. You’ll be missed.
    Pod, There’s a new mayor in town. I’ll let her think for the time that the insurgency is at bay.
    JC, you should be named Jolie, or Joy, or-oh, I got it-j’oicee. It’s vaguely French, like you’re vaguely English or Dutch (what did we determine?), anyway, see the reply to Linc or the lower right hand corner of the second photo. But that WAS a lot of effort, and if it is legal and therefore washable paint, why would they attempt it on an overcast day in England?

  7. Didn’t look like tubes. Chalk could come in a carrying case.

    Oh, and yeah, ‘cos there’s some OTHER kind of day in England.

  8. …I know you’re making fun of Pod with the “J’oicee,” but since we’re analyzing the ethnic origins of the name, it sounds a little North Jersey/Brooklyn, doesn’t it? Like “Jorsee,” but really drawled out… “J’oicee.” Eek.

    Second thought. What do your professors think when you spell words like “analyzing” as “analyzing” instead of the British “analysing?”

  9. If it’s chalk, she’s got it on her butt. If paint, she’s got it on her butt. Maybe some quick-dry something-or-other. Always astonishes me that artists take the time to do this, like Bert in “Mary Poppins” and it will be washed away.

    I like the juxta of them and the abbey/procession thing.

  10. Not to rain on their parade (ha!), but what do Pirates of the Caribbean have to do with the Bath Abbey?
    The coming together of two cultures, however, is priceless! Nice catch!

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