070601.Bath, I’m Back from the Future!

June 1, 2007 at 10:11 PM | Posted in Actors in Period Costumes, Architecture, Bath, Columns, Doric Order, people, Roman Baths, somerset | 5 Comments

Hear ye, hear ye: The long adventure of a destroyed harddrive has yet to officially end, but almost. I’ll try and recover photos on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Thank you all for the kind comments and advice. I still have much to respond to, much to catch up with, and much more work to do…..but soon I won’t. What I found interesting during this blackout period in the days following the crash was that I experienced my highest hits ever. More on this later. The numbers have continued to come in, making me wonder if this site is more popular without me. (But again, thanks for all the concern.)
Today is also DP Theme Day. I’ve done the view from my window several times. But below, below you’ll find the view from my window today: I got out and saw some things…started to replenish my photos.

We’ll be coming back to this guy. And I’ll make up the missing days/weeks of this post retroactively with a fascinating series I’m preparing on walls. Brace yourself.
By the way, I’m up to 13,447 sp.am comments. Huzzah!


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    My hits have almost DOUBLED from their usual numbers over the past 3-4 days! I broke an all-time record yesterday, and I have NO IDEA WHY! No referrers, no search engine matches, no clue. And I’m STILL not as popular as you on a crummy day. 😛

    Now, seriously- why were you peeking through windows in the Roman Baths?

  2. oh glad you are back!

    still laughing about the creepy hat culture thing

    and v. excited about the walls….

  3. Yay, you’re back! I’m glad you commented at Flying so I knew. Now I need to catch up with you, and I’m at home on dialup today, so I’ll be with you for a while.

    Is that guy singing?

  4. I’m glad you’re back! 😀

  5. Hear ye, hear ye. Yeah!

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