070518.Claverton Down, 238th BDPPost Spectacular!

May 18, 2007 at 6:37 AM | Posted in Bath, Claverton Down, somerset, University of Bath | 17 Comments

Hi, This has become the unintentional final post for a while. Today, my harddrive crashed and I may have lost some photos — so at the moment there’s no real way to let anyone else upload. Apart from that, it’ll take some time getting everything up and running (besides, I have papers and exams). I hope not to lose the city daily photo listing in the meantime and to be able to return by the beginning of June. Wish me luck or send advice on data recovery (most was backed up but my Bath photos in particular may have been lost, so I don’t want to pay a huge sum for the recovery of a few photos). I’d appreciate either.
As promised in the 200th post, here is the 238 post. Wow. Who expected that?
Unfortunately, I’ll be quite busy past around the 252nd post. So curb your excitement for a little while.

What are we really celebrating? 11,605 sp.am comments thus far.

I didn’t actually throw this party for the 238th post. It was thrown for the end of term, or the end of classes, which wasn’t quite the end of days but people littered like it was.

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