070515. 8/46, Thirty-six Views of Bath Abbey. My tribute to Hokusai’s Fugaku Sanju Rokkei

May 15, 2007 at 4:43 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Bath Abbey, Cathedrals and churches, Fugaku Sanju Rokkei, Hokusai, somerset, Towers | 9 Comments

See the series so far!

The Hidden Splendour of Bath Abbey

The Abbey Church its splendor rears
The sacred monument of former years
Behold its sculpture—and mark while you view it
The pretty little house sticking to it.
The citizens of Bath, with vast delight
To hide their noble Church from vulgar sight.
Surround its walls with chimney pots!
Surely from these designs so pur, so chaste,
Bath has been called the emporium of taste.

–Q. in the Corner, Rough Sketches of Bath and Other Poems (Bath: 1817)

Minobu-gawa ura Fuji

The view is from the southeast while the poem describes the houses along the north end of the abbey, which were pulled down by Marshall Wade to create Wade’s Passage, an unobstructed view down High Street to the Abbey. Perhaps not, I believe Wade’s Passage was created in the early 18th century. The Japanese print is Hokusai’s “Minobu-gawa ura Fuji.”


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  1. This cathedral is absolutely beautiful. I really liked Bath when I went there a few years ago. A charming little town!

  2. good night shot jamez!
    good night to ye!

  3. And I really liked Bath when I was there in February!!!

    Great snap J!




  4. Pretty.

    I like night shots.

    …er, “Shots” in the sense of photographs. Not syringe-pokes or gunfire or anything nasty like that.

  5. c’est une tres bonne idee. la photo est tres belle

    it is a very good idea. the photograph is very beautiful

  6. It is an interesting photograph, enhanced perhaps, by the narrative.

    Have your ever seen two Hondas from the top?

  7. James, I just love your blog. I drop by frequently, as it has been years since I’ve been to Bath. This blog makes me feel like I’m visiting your beautiful city all over again.

  8. Excellent photos! They remind me of a book published my old art teacher – “Vanishing Bath”, sketches of the beautiful buildings torn down by the developers in the Sixties and Seventies

  9. Thanks. I know that book!

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