070510.Walcot, Congested with Calcium Sulphate? Aisle Five.

May 10, 2007 at 8:38 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Chisel Marks, Conservation, Peephole Views, Sculpture, somerset, Towers, Walcot | 9 Comments

BDP to the Moon!

This windswept face faces the wet and windy southwest side but it is in better condition than most. Eyes, nostrils and mouth all clogged with calcium sulphate, while the rest of this Victorian grotesque has been jos cleaned. It’s high, high up (30 meters or so up on the scaffold’s eleventh floor) of the James Wilson-designed Grade II* St Stephen’s Church overlooking all of Bath from Lansdown Hill.


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  1. Editting my comment. All “greater-than/less-than” marks will be replaced with brackets [].

    To make a [a*href] tag open in a new window:

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    So all in all, you’ve got
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    Okay, secondly, were you climbing scaffolding or what?! I know you went very high, but… it’s the outside of the building! And when I’m climbing the exterior of buildings, I need both my hands (haven’t got an extra hand to hold my camera). But that’s just me. Maybe you’re particularly dexterous.

  2. The face on your photo looks like I felt this morning after I got up from a sleepless night. Let’s hope tonight is better since another look at this image frightens me!!

  3. Interesting. I like the picture. I am glad that somebody is taking care of these things as they do not last forever in our modern environment.

    My post today explains about a duck’s sexual habits. Not sure if I should label it with an “X” or not.

  4. on dirait quasimodo ;o) beau portrait

    Low Sunday would be said; O) beautiful portrait

  5. “Clogged”? Mouth, nostrils and eyes look so open to me. Where is the calcium sulphate? I only see a bit of golden lichen on the face.

    I always want to know who the sculptor was thinking of when he carved this. Olivier seems to be saying (I don’t know French so I’m guessing) “So says Quasimodo”–aren’t these automatic translation programs odd?

    Do answer Josy–how did you take this picture? Was there a window in some tower or a walkaround the tower?

  6. what a grisly looking face that is!

  7. JC: Thanks. There’s layers of scaffolding that you can walk around…see tomorrow’s post.

    Kate, We’d all be lucky if we looked that good after a century and a half, or more, right? He doesn’t look a day over 139.

    B: The face was jos cleaned but the eyes, nostrils, and mouth still have the black gunk in there, which is formed through pollution and stops the stone from breathing.

    Abe, O, Mandy, thanks.

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