070509.Beechen Cliff, Roots

May 9, 2007 at 4:25 AM | Posted in Bath, Gardens & Parks, somerset, Trees | 7 Comments

BDP to the moon!

061029.120.Somset.Bath.Lyncombe.Alexandria Park
I’ve always figured that like the back of churches, the base of trees is often infinitely more interesting than the more prominently displayed foliage out front/above.
(This was taken a while ago in Alexandria Park (previously listed here as being in the Lyncombe Hill section of the city) but I figure if I don’t post it soon, I’ll lose/forget about it. Also it gives a neutral post to try out the new updated Google Maps program. They’ve finally included [Bath] Station Home Band! Too busy to comprehensively retrofit at this point in time.)


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  1. hard to understand how that thing stays alive. If you are going to have roots, keep em deep!

  2. voila nos racines…belle photo, je trouve que les arbres et les racines sont un bon sujet de photos

    our roots… beautiful photograph veiled, I find that the trees and the roots are a good subject of photographs

  3. I completely agree with you on the tree-root thing. Roots are simple and beautiful. Branches are just complicated tangled messes. I try to minimize the amount of trees in my photos.

    …this isn’t to say I don’t enjoy trees. Just not always in photography.

    (P.S. I overstepped my bounds and editted the html for the Googlemaps link so it opened in a new window. I’m sorry. It was late and it seemed like a good idea at the time. I can change it back if you want.)

  4. Beautiful photo of a beautiful tree. I agree I love roots – well I love trees regardless but roots make such intersting shapes and without them….

  5. It also looks like time has made some changes. I like the photo though.

    My post today explains about a duck’s sexual habits. Not sure if I should label it with an “X” or not.

  6. […] Walk leading to Perrymead Roman Catholic Cemetery in Widcombe, Bath. Dwelling on an earlier post , I wonder what everyone thinks about favoring either the roots or foliage of a tree. In this […]

  7. I know that tree it’s near gleshen school or something like that…i’m french i was in bath that summer…nice spa! hh!

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