070508.Bath, “In the [Men’s] Room”

May 8, 2007 at 5:12 AM | Posted in Bath, Peephole Views, somerset | 9 Comments

To the Moon!

As stated in yesterday’s post on an aspect of the SouthGate scheme, the ‘Ham Gardens Convenience Rooms for Gentlemen, Ladies, the Disabled and Mothers and Babies’ (FIND ISSUES THERE!) will be closed today. The facility used to be free and open all night, well the men’s room anyway. Women, babies, and the disabled were directed into that room after nine. (Why not the disabled room? Isn’t the term disabled mildly offensive, or did they think it was better than infirm?)
070303.242.Somset.Bath.Ham.PubRestroom At any event, I bring your attention to its sink. I first saw this type of sink 10+ years ago nearby and in Boston, Massachusetts. Before the era of sensor restroom technology, I thought it was incredible. Three buttons, or one simple button that started the process, took you through water, soap, and drying. Simply incredibly–a car wash for your hands! I could go on but ten plus years ago I thought it was an incredible piece of design, something I was envious of, and I described it to many a hapless person. Another great gizmo I saw was this wax paper/aluminum foil/paper towel dispenser combo in the “’50s House” kitchen of the Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Vermont. The photo is from 2002, taken on one of my many returns to gaze at this incredible device. I think I may have even written about it in grade or high school, maybe even planned my future with reintroducing the model to the market and thereby getting rich. Will you all at least pay me for these photos? Don’t use the ideas, I still have them in reserve.


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