070505.Windsor, It’s Not Bath But It Has A Lot Of Bath Stone

May 5, 2007 at 6:26 AM | Posted in Architecture, Castles, Cathedrals and churches, Mansion, roofs, Sculpture, Tabernacles, Towers | 3 Comments

BDP to the moon!

This was yesterday. See tomorrow’s post.


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  1. Ah, Windsor Castle. Like the roof! Doesn’t it also feature a… a dollhouse or something?

    I like your justification for posting a photo of a place in no way affiliated with Bath.

  2. uh, you mean to continue posting a photos of windsor castle, tomorrow we find out WHERE the Bath stone is located. (Unfortunately, it’s not where in this shot, but the architect who restored this place in the 1920s and was responsible for the installation of all the King’s Beasts pinnacles (or what I stubbornly tag and label as tabernacles–the correct 15th Century term for them) came from around Bath).

  3. […] Sculpture, Conservation, Architecture | Funny as it sounds, as the Queen’s home complex at Windsor is undergoing some TLC at the same moment the President’s home at the White House has to be […]

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