070430.Claverton Down, “…Goose”

April 30, 2007 at 2:26 AM | Posted in Architecture, Bath, Claverton Down, Ducks, somerset, University of Bath | 8 Comments

or….”My! They grow up quickly, don’t they?”


“As Noah hunted around for animals, he judged them. He wanted to only bring the most worthy aboard his arc. He would stop by a group of rabbits and see who was a hard working rabbit and who was a lazy stupid dummy. Judging the rabbits made him feel a lot like God. He liked that. As he walked away with the ones he had chosen for salvation, he would look back at their brethren and shake his head disapprovingly and say, ‘Goodbye you dead dummies.’ And that was that.”

–Jonathan Goldstein

BDP to the moon!


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  1. First of all: oooh, a new font.

    Second of all: I do like the quote.

    Thirdly: Is… is this… are we looking at part of Bath University campus? Part that was not built in the 1500’s? Je l’aime.


  2. Duck Duck? 😉

    Miss you…life sux right now…but I’ll survive…sigh~~~~~~~~

    Miss your cute little face too!

    Please tell me life’s good for YOU J!


  3. aah. what a cute juxtaposition between big and small

  4. Ah, spring! Ducklings are always such a remarkable sight, stopping humans and traffic. Lovely photo.

  5. The picture is very nice.

  6. tres belle reunion de famille ;o) superbe photo

    very beautiful meeting of family; O) superb photograph

  7. Why “…Goose”? These are mallard ducks–you know this from Make Way for Ducklings.
    Love the dumpling photos–please make them yourself and invite me. Do get the recipe.

  8. […] the alligator cage and make some more room for people. The world could do without alligators.” Noah: “And disobey God, you dummy? …And you try reopening that door. Do you know what a pain that […]

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