070428.Claverton Down, 114 Dumplings, Please

April 28, 2007 at 6:07 AM | Posted in Food | 6 Comments

Tonight…(I’m not going to go to pay 10 pounds to see my own stuff. Didn’t receive an email about it or anything…someone just told me they saw this on the website.)



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  1. Definitely not your “fast food””;-)

    Hope they tasted as good as they look!

  2. oooo..

    looks like a very fun session of making dumplings.

  3. Adorable.

    Was this just a dumpling-making session to encourage interaction between fellow students, or was there some REASON ya’ll needed to make 114 dumplings?

  4. yum. :O)

  5. Better still, one student from Taiwan in our class spent all day making the filling and dough (and soup!) then showed us how to make them.
    i might go back and try to right down the steps.
    key: after you push the filling into the circle of dough then you wet the edges with your finger and fold it over pressing on its center, and then folding it three or four times toward the center.
    she’s a master chef.

  6. Hey! I know all about THESE! 😉 xo

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