070426.Bath, Silver Tray

April 26, 2007 at 3:05 AM | Posted in Bath | 8 Comments

Copy of Picture 014

Silver Tray by Adkia (?) Brothers of
Sheffield, 1899-1906


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  1. outrageous!! what are we to do??

    >In response to:
    “Despite paying for internet, I have been disconnected again (this time for 10 days) for using YouTube a day before it was forbidden on campus. I’m not alone. Apparently this happened to over a hundred people but when I wrote to ask about it I received a very rude and vindictive letter from the IT person personally responsible for shutting me down.

    “Ironically, the warning not to use YouTube was sent through the campus webmail, which is frequently down, and the majority of students here do not use.

    “I will add that I enjoy and would recommend my specific program but would not recommend the university itself (Although, who actually enjoys and directs people to evil faceless bureaucracies.)”

  2. Sheeeeeeeeeeesh. Thanks for the heads-up.

    ….may I ask why YouTube has been forbidden on campus?

  3. gits.

    i think its on the job-description for uni. admin.

  4. bizarre cette interdiction de YouTube, ils en donnent la raison ?

    odd this prohibition of YouTube, they give the reason of it?

  5. Now the reason is apparently….Bandwidth issues.
    Or as the admin (with a name that google links to Al Qaeda) puts it (and remember webmail was not running):

    On Fri Apr 20 22:32:57 2007, I enabled you connection and emailed you. In the last line of the first paragraph I said “Also online TV/videos like youtube takes alot of bandwidth and you should not use them.”
    and still you used youtube, why?

    Apart from the fact that everyone on this campus uses YouTube and this admin just admitted to monitoring my IP address, I appreciate the clear value attached by our technical university to the English language.

    Again– Take note perspective students: you can study and work in jolly old England and not have to bother about learning the language!

    Hope everyone enjoys my xenophobic rant even though I’m technically the alien.

  6. this story is really strange. I also work at a University and the internet is very fast there, you can use anything you want. And is it allowed to scan your IP there?

  7. Strange thing but I hope you’re not forbidden to continue your photoblog!

  8. oh, i see you still having trouble accessing..
    come back soon!

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