070422.Blenheim, On Track Again

April 22, 2007 at 4:39 AM | Posted in countryside, Gardens & Parks, Mansion, people | 6 Comments

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire:
They let me ‘drive’ the “Winston Churchill” train. Not going to brag, but I was the best conductor in this train’s long illustrious history.

070421.100.OX.Blenheim.Palace.WinstonChurchill Toy Train070421.102.OX.Blenheim.Palace.WinstonChurchill Toy TrainIt took a while but all the long years of training paid off.


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  1. And if not the best, than definitely the cutest;-)

  2. HEY! The best AND the cutest AND it says TOOT-TOOT!

    And DON’T you forGET it!

    I’m not really going anywhere…and stop it…you’re gonna make me =(


  3. i have no doubt that your bottom was the highest quality rump that drivers seat has ever had the pleasure of supporting ;0p

  4. WOW…. is this a new ” Thomas the Tank ” character ?

  5. what a sweet face you have.

  6. First of all, I agree with all of the previous comments. Secondly, you were in Blenheim when you were 13? And they’ve painted the engine since then? Seeing this place again after 10 years must have been trippy. Thirdly, does someone in your family, possibly you, have a railroad fetish?

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