070415.Bristol, Feeding Time at the River Avon

April 15, 2007 at 9:41 AM | Posted in Bristol, Light and Shadow, people, river, River Avon, Riverboats, somerset | 10 Comments



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  1. wonderful document!
    is that the back of a restaurant?

  2. how do i miss so much in so little time? i’m sorry james, twuly i am, for many things….

  3. Kris, it is indeed!

  4. Awwwwwww. Look at all the little swannies! Vedy niiccce.

  5. Is that ever a gaggle of swans, er, swarm of swans, um, . . . pile of swans . .

    That’s a lot of swans!

  6. I know, don’t they look delicious as they’re fattened up! This is a houseboat restaurant — I like how they have these swans on a routine to meet in back, almost like they’re penned in.

  7. oh, so they belong to the rest. which will be on the menu later..

  8. It’s a bevy of swans (also of quails). Here’s a short list:
    A colony of ants
    A shrewdness of apes
    A swarm of bees
    A colony of beavers
    A flock of birds
    A clowder of cats
    A brood of chickens
    A clutch of chicks
    A bed of clams
    A quiver of cobras
    A band of coyotes
    A float of crocodiles
    A herd of deer
    A pack of dogs
    A brace of ducks
    A herd of elephants
    A gang of elks
    A business of ferrets
    An army of frogs
    A gaggle of geese
    A tower of giraffes
    A cloud of gnats A tribe of goats
    A band of gorillas
    A down of hares
    A team of horses
    A smack of jellyfish
    A troop of kangaroos
    A leap of leopards
    A troop or barrel of monkeys
    A pack of mules
    A parliament of owls
    A litter of pigs
    A nest of rabbits
    A crash of rhinoceros
    A pod of seals
    A scurry of squirrels
    A bevy of swans
    A knot of toads
    A bale of turtles
    A nest of vipers
    A pod of whales
    A pack of wolves
    And if you want more collective nouns:

  9. wow, i almost marked this last comment as spam…great info, i’ve learned something.

  10. […] 2007 at 12:37 am | In River Avon, somerset, Bath, river, Dogs | You fly back to school now, little Swan. Fly, fly, fly. Fly, fly, fly…. “I’ve been in this room for eight years now […]

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