070414.Bathwick, Ma Brisbane

April 14, 2007 at 12:01 AM | Posted in Bath | 3 Comments

“Dame Eleanora Brisbane (1741-1823), mother of the founder of Brisbane, Australia(See the DP here.)

070326.017.SO.Bath.Bathwick.St Marys Cem

Cemetery of St. Mary the Virgin, Bathwick



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  1. LOL – the things you find in graveyards! (Which I love wandering around, as my Blogs occasionally shows up~!)

    I bt the climate of Brisbane (hot sticky humid – YUCK) would have knocked Ma Brisbane for six!!

  2. HUH.

    But if she founded Brisbane, why’s she buried in Bath? Didn’t she like her own city?

  3. Yeah, there’s some crazy stuff in cemeteries…I’m still looking for the nutjob who has inscribed on his slate: ‘so and so,’ “Founder of Europe,” or “Moon Princess.” There’s one guy in the States that had his stone carved ahead of time, had a fund established for its maintenance in case it was defaced, and prepared press-releases for when he died. It basically was an open letter carved in stone to his son that claimed since the son had stolen money from him [clearly not all of it], he would never forgive him and wished him the very worst life had to offer, sic. or something to that effect.
    I think the family was actually Scottish, or something. Brisbane was a penal colony (remember the Simpsons: ‘Lisa! It says here that Australia was founded by convicts–watch your purse!’) and he was governor during its founding…I believe? He didn’t really found the city, the river, etc. It was a man called Oxley? I’m just trying to remember what I read off that link…so this gravestone plaque is a bit false, but it sounds cooler (and therefore attracts more attention to this neglected cemetery) than saying biological mother of the namesake of Brisbane River and city in Queensland, Australia.

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