070410.Claverton Down, Leftover Stages

April 10, 2007 at 11:37 AM | Posted in Food | 8 Comments

I think these are every kid’s introduction to Easter (a different foil but the same substance). 070131.Somset.Bath.ClavertonDown.CadburyEgg
[Last Stages Censored]


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  1. and the same worldwide! Looks yummy.

  2. je prefere que le suite soit censuré ;o) et heureusement que je vois cela apres avoir manger ma demi tonnes d’oeufs de pâques. Bravo pour cet humour noir

    I prefer that the continuation is censured ;O) and fortunately which I see that after having to eat my half tons of Easter eggs. Cheer for this black humour

  3. I could never take the middle!!! Always ate the outside off and left the goo behind! 😉

    HEY BATH BOY!! Nice to see ya…been a little outta commission lately…have to see if I can pick up the pieces and get back on the DP train!

    TOOT TOOT! Hope you had fun…wherever and whatever you were doing!


  4. Did you take a knife to your poor Cadbury Cream Egg?

    I have a caramel one that I’m hoarding until I run out of little foil-wrapped chocolates. Don’t remember the last time I had a cream one.

  5. Brilliant illustration!! Who ate all the chocolates after the photo was taken?

  6. ooh James what have you done to me. I want to rush out now and buy one. I adore them. Myself; i crunch off the top then slowly, i lick, again and again, pushing my tongue in mercilessly then crunch the rest of the chocolate. Yum. Er… sorry didn’t mean to sound quite so erotic as that might have come across. Eek.

  7. they are vile. i was sick on them once as a small pod when i ate too many…..

  8. Incidentally, this was the 200th post. Whoops, meant to mention that.

    *Mandi, great to hear that.

    *Olivier, half ton! Hope they don’t all hatch on you.

    *Ame, we’ve discussed this. It’s choo choo, and I’ll accept nothing less.

    *JC, Yuk to caramel. The really good ones are the chocolate filling inside the chocolate shell but I never see those around….they’re almost too sweet for me.

    *Ming, I ate the last one (half before the photo and half after). The unwrapped one was rewrapped and shortly thereafter unwrapped again and eaten. Still holding on to the last one though….it might be a long night and I don’t believe in sharing.

    *Lynn, I used to eat the top too back when I was a little put off of the cream. The top has the most chocolate shell and plus the half-eaten egg still can contain the cream for a while. Eek?

    *Pod, I had the same issues with candy corn (which I still can’t eat).

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