070403.Bathwick, Oh, Where’s My Captain

April 3, 2007 at 3:10 AM | Posted in Bathwick, Dogs, river, River Avon, Riverboats, somerset | 11 Comments


Rover and Teneal…?

JosyC, who is still posting for Ja.mes, had no idea what this was supposed to mean, so she Wikipedia’ed it… apparently it’s a takeoff of “Captain and Tenille,” a pop singing duo from the 1970’s. Apparently they’re famous or something. JC isn’t not sure why Ja.mes has chosen to spell it “Teneal” here…. but ohhhhh well. Enjoy the photo!


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  1. aah. int that sweet?

  2. Perhaps Captain and Rover might have worked since we assume this boat has a captain?

  3. elle est tres bonne, bravo pour le coup d’oeil. Photo superbe

    it is very good, cheer for the glance. Superb photograph

  4. then you come up with titles for everything at the last minute.

  5. Aw, come on, can’t I make fun of you a little bit? I’m still unclear as to why you made a point of MAKING SURE it was spelled “Teneal.” 🙂

  6. did a quick google search of the group (wasn’t alive to know them–only heard of them through a cell phone commercial (Sprint, I think)). Found some fan page that spelled it like this…perhaps it was a cover group?

  7. maybe not since they themselves were practically doing covers for the band America

  8. maybe not since they themselves were practically doing covers for the band America. so lesson here, don’t do quick google searches while you racing to find cheap flights and hostels….
    by the way, i’m stuck here. no return. prices raised….pissed off.

  9. and no, you can’t make fun of me…not even a little bit.

    this goes for the quickly written clay and stone tiles post tomorrow. dude, that needs to be rewritten…but i don’t think the image will merrit anyone quickly visiting the site to see the great pic and stay for the wordy id descrip of clay tiles.

  10. Ah yes, I remember the Captain and Tennille very well. Though it’s kind of depressing to me that you weren’t “alive to know them,” as you put it. God, I’m so old.

  11. Can you swim back?

    Steve, I haven’t figured out text-messaging yet. You’re not old-old until you retire. Or start arguing with baristas about what you believe to be a $0.03 overcharge on your coffee-and-donut combo.

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