070330.Walcot, Morning Glory Burial Ground

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BDP to the Moon!

061002.110.Somset.Bath.Walcot..Walcot Methodist Chapel.d. W Jenkins.1815-6

Ja.mes- “This is the burial ground (1823) of Walcot Village Hall (1849). Josy, can you add your great morning glory fact.”

Josy– Um.
Well, we’re all aware of the hallucinogenic properties of the plant, right? Aztec priests, for example, used to use it to commune with their gods. Morning glory seeds contain a chemical called LSA (Lysergic acid amide, a compound closely related to LSD) that could produce a very trippy experience… if commercial producers didn’t coat their seeds with a non-water-soluble toxic chemical to discourage this practice. This means that if you try to ingest the prepackaged seeds from your local seed store, you’ll probably end up poisoning yourself. There are, of course, ways around this problem… and the internet is a big place. 😉

Ja.mes- Wha! Bng! Fgg!!! I didn’t mean! DRUG USE?!

Josy- But you asked for a great morning glory fact!

Ja.mes- THE FLOWER!!!

Josy- There are no great morning glory facts that have to do with morning glory FLOWERS!

Ja.mes- (keels over in unmitigated frustration)

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