070326.Bath, St Michael’s Within (Hetling Crt), Pevsner Architectural Church Chat

March 26, 2007 at 12:37 AM | Posted in Architecture, Cathedrals and churches, Chisel Marks, Pevsner | 4 Comments

BDP to the moon!


“St. Michael Within, Hetling Court, behind the Cross Bath. This is the chapel of St. John’s Hospital. Rebuilt in 1723 by William Kiligrew. Two-storeyed windows, segment-headed and circular. Altered in C19 and provided with deplorable Venetian tracery.” (108)


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  1. 1. It’s not March 26 yet, even for you.

    2. It took me a minute to read “two-storeyed windows,” as in “windows that span two stories,” instead of “two store-eyed windows,” as in “windows with stores for eyes.”

    3. Where are the chisel marks?

  2. Excuse me? You who hangs around caves, cemeteries and mostly dead people(!) is spooked by my beautiful Bird-of-Paradise?

  3. And what’s with that wierd bricky area on the left lower corner of that building…the diagonal line…and gray brickwork–definitely different from the rest…

    Looks all discomboobilated!!!!

    JAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES??? You Photoshopping agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain?!?

    😉 Have an awesome time…whevever your cute little “bare-in-that-mine-shot-WOW” legs take ya! xo

  4. Does anyone know where 9 Hetling Court, Bath is? My Great Great Grandmother’s birth certificate has her down as being born there. I’ve been there but can’t find a number 9. We would be talking 1846. Thanks in anticipation.

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