070321.Swainswick, “Cave Canum”

March 21, 2007 at 3:44 AM | Posted in Architecture, Conservation, countryside, Dogs, doorways, Overcast, somerset, Swainswick, towns | 4 Comments

Behold Prince and Beauty, who are not the seven bay buttressed 1629 Manor House barn with its tie beams and collar-beam roof that lies at the end of this inconveniently private drive. Yaaargh. 070205.43.Somset.Swainswick
A good conservationist, or downright tourist for that matter, should always carry some bacon in his/her pocket while (excuse me, “whilst”) traveling ’round the countryside — just in case one encounters a “fleabag.” (Dad’s term, not mine.)


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  1. Is it always the same strip of bacon that you carry?

  2. What do you suppose those owners are afraid of? I’m assuming, from your post, that these dogs are the scary type.

  3. Hello James,
    the houses behind the gates seem to be like houses in Scotland, where we lived one year.
    And when I forgot once to close the gates there, twenty cows rushed in and overturned our caravan against a window . . .
    Better to keep gates closed 🙂

    In my post is the link about the exhibition Alvar Aallo`s life and work. It has made by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban in London, but you perhaps already knew it.

    Have a happy springtime!

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