070314.Bath, No Tulips to Tiptoe Through Yet

March 14, 2007 at 2:26 AM | Posted in Bath, Bathampton, Bradford-on-Avon, cemeteries - churchyards - and tombstones, Claverton, Claverton Down, countryside, Flowers, Gardens & Parks, hippies, Light and Shadow, Overcast, somerset, towns, Trees, University of Bath, Wiltshire | 7 Comments

Considering it was the only reason people know “Tiny Tim,” statistically it’s no surprise that that was the last song he ever performed. Seriously, he suffered a heart attack while singing it at a Gala Benefit for the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis. I have a lot of flower photos I want to unload to prove to everyone that it’s spring. This has taken a lot more work than I thought it would. Maybe I’ll have more but if you don’t hear from me again, you, you dear audience are my Woman’s Club of Minneapolis.
Someone knowledgeable about flowers told me the following: “The larger dark blue/purple are primroses. The smaller blue are scilla, the very small white are wild cyclamen.” Someone less knowledgable told me if I ever go back in time that I shouldn’t step on anything. Photos presented chronologically with most recent on top.

Below: Claverton Down, Bathwick Hill Road wall with “I think (not sure) it’s creeping phlox — a particularly strong color. Usually creeping phlox…is pastel — pastel white, pink or lavender. This is a really strong color so it might be something else.” The second photo is the view from my window.
Below: Claverton Down, University of Bath
Below: Bath (Twerton?), High Commons, Commune Garden:
Below: Bath (Twerton?), Royal Victoria Park’s Botanical Garden (5Mar07): (with the exception of the night shot in Claverton Down)
Below: Bath, Royal Victoria Park (5Mar07):
Below: Bathampton, St Nicholas’ Cementery back on the 26th of Feb.
070226.147.Somset.Claverton.St Mary the Virgin
Below: Claverton, St Mary the Virgin’s Cemetery back on the 26th of Feb.
070226.085.Somset.Bathhampton.St Nicholas
Below: My first flower shot of spring(?) in Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts. back on the 30th of January!


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  1. Well, you lucky dog – that’s quite a nice view you’ve got there 😉
    All the photos look very lush to me, is it a wet Spring so far? We are in the midst of a long draught, anything green here is due to massive watering (but it is re-claimed water!).

    PS Whatever happened to Miss Vicky?

  2. Wow, that’s, uh, that’s a lot of flowers.

    I really like the bottom January flower shot. It’s very special, very Bath, very…

    …is that the row of houses that Whatshisname… Ralph Allen! designed for masons to live in? No? Then where is it? I’d swear I’ve seen those metal rails before.

  3. now i really am homesick. i love spring and all the new growth. the fleurs in the bottom pic are crocus by the way

  4. Very beautiful photos, colorful and perfumed spring photos, lovely! And, what a view you have from your window! Perfect!

  5. Wonderful pics as per usual, James. Now the glory of spring in the UK is unfolding. Some treat. Did you have a winter at all?


  6. Waouhhhhh. Superbe serie, tu t’es laché, bravo. La 3éme (en partant du haut) on l’imagine sorti d’un livre de conte. Bravo

    Waouhhhhh. Superb series, you released yourself, cheer. The 3éme (on the basis of the top) one imagines it left a book of tale. Cheer

  7. Oh wow! … you really spoil us with so many beautiful flowers! It is spring now 🙂

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