070310.Claverton Down, Student Government is the Opiate of the Student Masses

March 10, 2007 at 1:16 AM | Posted in Bath, Claverton Down, cumulus clouds, somerset, University of Bath | 2 Comments

Student elections are nearing, or at least that’s what the signs and the hundreds of people wearing inked T-shirts would suggest; but I can’t vote, I’m an immigrant. “By now you would have noticed a vast array of banners and posters (and general chaos!) on campus. If you haven’t already figured it out, there are 22 regular students trying to fight for your vote to become one of the six Sabbs. A Sabb is a regular student who takes a year out of their course to represent the views of students.”070309.02.Somset.Bath.ClavertonDown
Apart for this “Vote Hayden,” the signs have been less than creative, which I guess can be expected from an engineering school. Most of these A4 sheets look more like missing posters than pleas to be elected. They feature a name, Yearbook picture, and a “clever” quote (ie: “Vote for me for VP. I can do the job.”) This “Vote Hayden,” which is along the arcade that leads from the bus stop to the campus heart is the only time that this corridor has looked decent. I always feel that this entire university campus looks like a complex about to be demolished — like it once was something and has been stripped of anything salvageable before demolition. Will any of the candidates do something to fix this?
What surprises me is the number of posts and candidates to fill them. What’s interesting is that the English frequently have these occupation-oriented sir names. Here Fisher uses an image of a fishmonger for her campaign. Why there’s a post for “sport” I have no idea, I assume it is mimicking the English Ministry of the name (Culture, Sports, and Media). There’s a Bell who has stolen the Taco Bell franchise logo to immediately gain image recognition and possible free signs (The color signs appear to have been from wrappers and bags). Take that other candidate with long unmemorable Polish name. Others (below) must not have a visual last name, such as “Pistol Pete” for Pres. Hopefully there’s no other Pete’s running for that office and maybe he supports handguns. I dunno.
And of course, there’s Kristy for VP. She appears to not be able to spell her own name, which isn’t vital to the VP post. But perhaps, she’s so smart she knows this will bring her attention.
And in other news, I learned from Wikipedia’s article on Facebook.com that there was controversy over this election.

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